5 Key Points to Help Tighten Lower Abs

Everyone is looking for ways to tighten lower abs. It is probably one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) muscle groups to reach. It’s that stubborn little pooch women usually complain about; that extra flab of fat that keep men from buttoning their pants effortlessly.

I’ll tell you, it is difficult to zero in on your lower abs. I personally have had to struggle with that area for years. When I learned that cortisol, a hormone released by the body when it is under a lot of stress, contributed to the build-up of fat around that area, it really didn’t help me at all either. That just doubled the stress right there.

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How does one tighten lower abs then, you ask? The best way to get your lower abs to look like they’ve gone to abdominal boot camp is by (1) LOSING OVERALL BODY WEIGHT. That would be your primary goal here.

Targeted abs exercises won’t be enough, I tell you. Once you get your total body fat to a minimum, things will get much easier, you’ll see.

If you know what your total body fat percentage is you’ll know how much fat you’ll need to burn in the process. In this case, like in many others, knowledge is power.

You can start to tighten lower abs by (2) FORMING GOOD EATING HABITS. Eliminating excessively fatty foods from your diet, cutting down on highly processed foods, and taking alcoholic drinks sparingly can do you more good than you can imagine. Sticking to a well-rounded diet that’s loaded with whole grains, fresh fruits, colorful veggies, and lean meats will definitely set the motion toward a healthier, more fit you.

(3) CREATING A HOLISTIC EXERCISE PLAN that you can live with and, eventually, crank up as you progress is necessary for you to achieve your general goal – a completely toned set of lower abs.

Perform cardiovascular exercises 3-5 times a week for at least half an hour. Mix it up so you don’t get bored. One day you can head out and run a few blocks, in two days you can do some laps in the pool.

If you want to tighten lower abs, you must get your entire body moving and your blood pumping. With high spirits and endorphins swimming in your blood stream, there’s really no stopping you from achieving your goal.

What’s a successful ab workout program without (4) EXECUTING WIDE-RANGE AND SPECIFIC LOWER AB EXERCISES? There are quite a few options to choose from, but here are some exercises that you can check out:

  • Exercise Ball Ab Crunches
  • Reverse Abdominal Leg Crunches
  • Hanging Leg Raises

(5)STAYING MOTIVATED AND FOLLOWING THROUGH is crucial, especially when things start to feel repetitive and bland. Involving friends and family members can get you that extra support you need to follow through, even after you’ve attained ripped lower abs.

True enough, keeping these five important points in mind while working to tighten lower abs can only get you fast results.

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