How to Get Six Pack Abs – Realizing Your Vision

There’s no single specific way on how to get six pack abs. Relying on just one technique might get you started, but it can’t possibly do a lot more in the long run. Using strategies that involve research, goal-setting, and consistency can very well help you achieve that toned midsection you’ve always desired.

Read and Research

Research is the first and most sensible step toward preparing for any battle plan – in this case, fighting off unwanted flab. You don’t just pick up a book or go online and read; you actually delve deeper into the subject and get as much information as you can to aid you in your objective.

As a researcher, you’re also an investigator. You explore the “what,”  “why,” “when,” “where,” “who,” and “how” of the subject, especially with the question at hand: how to get six pack abs.  You gather as much information as you can, verify your sources, and relate everything you’ve learned.

Sometimes, getting a fitness instructor is not enough. They can teach you a lot of things, but you can’t just take their word without doing some research of your own. You would still have to do the work, both on the floor and on your computer.

For example, if your trainer’s six pack abs plan includes expensive and unnecessary bodybuilding supplements, you should know better than to take them without doing any research first.

Create Specific Goals

Creating your own set of goals is the next technique on how to get six pack abs. Instead of just thinking, “I want six pack abs,” make your goal more specific; think “I want six pack abs in six months” instead. The more concrete you are about your objective and the time frame you give yourself to reach that goal, the easier it would be for you to attain it.

Your goal should include a vision, a specific time frame, and a list of steps you need to perform to realize the vision. Here’s an example of those steps:

  • Create a workout journal
  • Buy a six pack abs video
  • Incorporate other exercises into my six pack abs plan (e.g. cardio)


Consistency is the key to any successful game plan. An unfailing attitude and the desire for continued progress are fundamental. These will help you understand how to get six pack abs and KEEP THEM.

Go ahead and take a crack at it. Research limitless information on how to get easy six pack abs, set specific yet realistic goals, and follow through. Learn the 5 most common six pack abs mistake

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Exercises for Six Pack Abs – Work Those Muscles!

Unless you’re an experienced fitness coach with a six pack abs guide as a bible, you can never know for sure what type of workout your body needs. Effective exercises for six pack absinvolve two types — compound and isolation. These types of exercises have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand how they work.

Working on how to get six pack abs with the wrong routine can actually be frustrating. You need to ask yourself this: what specific isolation or compound exercise should I perform to shed unwanted fat in my midsection?

What is a Compound Exercise?

The goal of compound exercises is to stimulate your muscle groups using a wide range of motion. A lot of basketball (e.g. Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Kevin Garnett) and tennis (e.g. Rafael Nadal, Fernando Verdasco, Novak Djokovic) athletes regularly use this technique to maximize their post-game workouts and on-court activities.

Experts from various fields of fitness and health regard compound exercises as the ideal fat-burning habit. As you perform numerous compound exercises for six pack abs, not only do you get the most out of your workout, but you also enhance your coordination, balance, and flexibility. Compound exercises for your midsection are what you need when you’re aiming to lift heavier loads without sustaining muscle fatigue.

Here are a few common compound exercises for six pack abs you can start on:

  • Barbell squats
  • Pushups
  • Deadlifts
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Dumbbell overhead presses





What is an Isolation Exercise?

Unlike compound exercises, the isolation technique involves only one muscle group that concentrates on developing your muscle strength. Isolation exercises are ideal for those people who easily get injured when stimulating numerous muscle groups at one time.

How to get six pack abs that are rock hard? Isolating those core muscles HARD, that’s how. The isolation techniques listed below are considered highly effective exercises for six pack abs:

  • Dumbbell bicep curls
  • Hamstring curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Rope pull downs
  • Yoga ball rollout
  • Jack knives
  • Barbell curls
  • Cable crossovers


Compound vs Isolation: Which is Better?

Picking one set of exercise over the other is unnecessary. In fact, combining both techniques and integrating them with your six pack abs guide can actually give you faster, better results. Always remember that exercises for six pack abs depend on your need, age, health, physical performance, and lifestyle. To get the most out of your workout (and to avoid accidents), follow a Certified fitness professional, I recommend Mike Geary of

Work those muscles and stay safe!

Which of these exercises work best for you? Let me know by entering your comments below.

How to Get Six Pack Abs Once And For All!

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