3 Steps in the Flat Stomach 2 Weeks Program

Myth: Getting a flat tummy in 2 weeks is impossible.

Fact: A flat stomach 2 weeks later is attainable if you start with a well-conditioned body. I should know, I’ve been there before.

To get a conditioned body, you’ll need to really work at it. This isn’t the time to dilly-dally because if you’re really serious about getting rid of excess belly fat or building a six pack, you’ll need more than just luck on your side.

You’ll need to get three things in order before you achieve the flat tummy of your dreams. These are: total commitment, a full-proof diet, and proper exercise.

1. Total Commitment. Even Hollywood superstars and buffed athletes have to go through this step for them to get their bodies to look that way.

First thing you need to do to get a flat stomach 2 weeks later is to start. NOW. Truly, there is no better time.

Grab a pen and mark that target date on your calendar. Commit to yourself and to the idea of your new-and-improved self. The only way you can get yourself out of your fitness rut is to make that conscious decision.

If you don’t start today, you will only delay things. You need to want it bad before you get it. Remember that.

2. Full-proof Diet. This entails more than just the latest fad diet or even total fasting – those aren’t just good for you. Period.

For a flat stomach 2 weeks later, you need to get your weight to a healthy number and rev up your metabolism at the same time.

Start by timing your meals. Eat small portions of well-balanced meals every 4 hours. That way, your body never goes totally hungry nor will it be deprived of essential nutrients at any given time. Also, your digestive system will be working at a regular “schedule.”

At the supermarket, stock up on veggies and fruits you can eat without cooking. You can snack on them regularly without much food preparation. You should also get fat-burning foods like garlic, chilies, nuts, citrus fruits, apples, tomatoes, and a variety of berries.

Tofu, an alternative source of protein, will help get you a flat stomach 2 weeks later. While you’re there, grab a bottle of multivitamins and take 1 tablet daily. Remember to stay away from fatty foods – they will only set you back.

3. Proper Exercise. You can’t expect to go easy in the next 2 weeks if you truly want to see results by then. That’s why performing exercises correctly and regularly will do the trick.

With the use of a timer, you need to stick to a diet and exercise routine. Every time that timer goes off, you need to get off that couch and start working: walk around, drink water, eat your small portions, work out, get ample sleep, and do it all again the next day.

Before you even notice it, the flat stomach 2 weeks program should be completed in no time at all. After doing everything intensely for 2 weeks, give your body a break by resuming a slower-paced exercise routine and going back to a normal diet. The most important thing to remember is that you never give up in those 2 weeks and keep your eye on the prize at all times.

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How to Perform Flat Stomach Exercises Not Abs

Alot of people focus on exercises for their abs to get a flat stomach. But did you know that the key to your toned tummy might be in exercising your transverse muscles?

The transverse muscles are the most overlooked group of abdominal muscles. While plenty of exercises focus on the upper and lower abs, the transverse muscles are actually very powerful. If you want flat stomach exercises not abs, then try working on the transverse muscles.

These muscles lie at the deepest level of your abdominal muscles. They act like a girdle to hold and support your entire midsection. The transverse muscles lie horizontally to keep your organs in place and put pressure on your abdomen.

They also connect with your back muscles. They help keep your “core” together. The right kind of flat stomach exercises not abs will focus on these transverse muscles.

If you want a flat stomach, focus on your transverse muscles. Throughout the day, holding your stomach muscles in will work these muscles naturally. You can also do specific flat stomach exercises not abs that will work out these muscles even more.

Here are some great exercises to get your transverse muscles toned:

The Stomach Squeeze

Start by lying on the floor with your knees bent.
Place your hands on your lower stomach, on either side of your belly button. Press two fingers from each hand on your abdomen.
Gently begin to draw your lower abdomen down towards the floor. Try not to suck in your stomach, but use your muscles to contract.
As soon as you feel your stomach muscles getting tight, stop the motion. The muscles underneath your stomach should feel taut.
Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds, and breath normally the entire time. Release the squeeze and do 10 repetitions.

Scissor Kicks

Start by lying on the floor, with your hands under your bottom and your back pressed against the floor.
Raise one leg about 10 inches off of the ground and slowly lower it back down. As you lower one leg, raise the other.
Do three sets of 10 repetitions.

Pelvic Tilts

Begin by lying on the floor with your back pressed against the floor.
Bend your knees keeping your feet on the ground.
Slowly lift your pelvis up and hold for the count of 5 before lowering slowly back down to the ground. Your upper body should remain totally on the floor.
Do three sets of 15 repetitions.

Complete these flat stomach exercises not abs every other day and increase your reps as your strength increases.

Fast Flat Abs Easy

When you’re trying to get fast flat abs there are a few important things you can do to get started. All of them will help increase the burn, so you can expose those sexy tummy muscles, while you’re toning them.

1. If you want it fast, you will have to heat it up. That means metabolism. A number of natural foods will kick start your system into burning food faster, and more efficiently.

Some of these foods are:

  • garlic
  • asparagus
  • romaine lettuce
  • apples
  • berries
  • soy
  • sunflower oil

All of these either help your body reject fat, or eliminate toxins, while they stimulate your metabolism.

Garlic is great for the immune system. It helps to cleanse your organs and tissues. Asparagus and romaine lettuce will help you eliminate extra water from your system, which prevents bloating.

Apples and berries are high in pectin, which hinders retention of fat by the body. Soy is a leaner protein than meat, and even more nutritious.

Sunflower oil is lighter than olive or corn oils, and more easily digestible.

Foods to avoid:

  • fats
  • sugar
  • starch

Foods that are fatty include:

  • nuts
  • meat
  • olives
  • snack foods
  • fried foods
  • butter, cheese and non-skim milk

Watch out for hidden sugar and starch in energy bars and prepared foods, like instant side dishes. Changing your diet a little can cut months off your exercise program, and give you fast flat abs.

2. Temperature is important. Not the room temperature; your body temperature. Getting rid of stored fat in the body is like trying to cook it out of your food. It’s nicer not to have it at all; but once it’s there, you have got to heat it to make it go away. This means isolating the abdominal section of the body, and dressing it warmer.

They make exercise clothing just for this, usually made of a lightweight foam-like composite material. You wear it underneath your sweatshirt while you exercise. If you have something that will work already, save the money. Once you’ve trimmed that abdominal section, you won’t be needing it anymore.

Exercise clothes won’t make you look slim in the gym, but they will speed up that burn.

3. Don’t think that exercise is just for workout time. Increase your activity level all week long.

You may not know it, but there are tons of ways to exercise during your normal day.

Activities that you can do during your day include:

  • Power walk around the mall while you shop – alone or with a friend.
  • Park farther from your destination on purpose. Those few extra minutes of walking can really add up!
  • Take the dog, or the kids, to the park for an extra hour on Saturday.
  • When you have a little extra time, walk to the store, rather than driving.

With the right knowledge and a good attitude, you can begin to see results much faster than with exercise alone.

Anything else you might add? Feel free to do so by sharing below.

3 Steps on How to Get a Flat Stomach in Days

Who wouldn’t want to get a flat stomach in days? My friends, relatives, and even complete strangers come up to me on a daily basis and express their frustrations about their flabby midsection. Believe me when I say, “I know exactly what you mean.”

I’ll tell you right now that it CAN be done if you’re already pretty close (i.e. have a lower than average body fat%) Hard work and discipline is the key. The thing is you have to truly believe in something before it can happen.

A very wise colleague of mine once told me, “Don’t give up, especially before you even begin,” and he is so right. A flat stomach in days is doable…if you put your mind to it. Following a set of simple, straight-forward guidelines you can very well attain that flat stomach in 30 days or less.

1.  Have a GREAT diet


2. Do lots of fat-burning exercises.


3. Build your muscle.

Having good fats in your diet is necessary, but an excess of unhealthy fats is just downright nasty. Be mindful of what you eat because ultimately, everything you digest translates to how you feel, how your body performs, and, obviously, how you look.

Creating and sticking to a healthy diet plan will require a little getting used to. If you really want that flat stomach, you will need to turn your diet around drastically, especially if you’ve been so used to eating fast food, highly processed junk food, and the like.

The benefits of a great eating strategy are endless. Aside from getting a leaner physique, your health will improve vastly. That only means you can live a happier, longer life.

For you to get a flat stomach in days, start with a well-balanced diet in your next meal and thereafter. Include a lot of whole grains, lean proteins, and just a small portion of good fat.

Here’s a list of good, healthy options for food:

  • Beans
  • Egg whites
  • Green, leafy veggies
  • Salmon
  • Lean chicken breast
  • almonds (healthy fats)
  • walnuts (healthy fats)

Here are food and beverage items you must scrap out of your diet completely:

  • Alcohol
  • Fried Food
  • White Bread/Rice
  • Sweets
  • Soda & fruit juices

While carrying out a healthy diet plan, you must also stick to an intense fat-burning workout plan. Doing a variety of physical activities, such as sprinting, interval training and swimming, will get your blood pumping, muscles roaring and fat melting.

The last important step is to perform full-body, muscle building workouts 3-4 times a week. Muscle helps speed up your metabolism and is crucial if you’re going to achieve your aggressive goal.

Simply follow these steps so you can get a flat stomach in days. After a month-long battle with flab, you’ll definitely want to keep at it because good results can only motivate you to do even better.

How to Have a Flat Stomach on a Budget

Everyone wants to know how to have a flat stomach. Some have an idea how to go about it, but are easily discouraged because of two things: financial constraints and not having the luxury of time.

Save Money

How much do gym memberships cost nowadays? It’s been a while since I even entered one, but I’m pretty sure they don’t come cheap. Not to mention the “extras” they’re going to charge you; locker room fees, personal trainer fees…the list probably doesn’t end there.

Question is: do you need a prestigious gym membership to get a flat tummy? I think not. If you want to find out how to have a flat stomach, you can easily do so without spending your hard-earned money on gym membership.

If you have a few hundred dollars lying around and can actually afford to pay for gym membership, by all means, go for it! There are plenty of advantages to being an active gym member. Even though you can get a lot from it, gym membership is not required.

Instead, work on your abs in the privacy of your own home. It can be quite a liberating experience, I tell you.

Haven’t showered? That’s fine. The car’s still in the shop? It’s cool because you won’t even have to step out on the driveway. Need to watch the kids? Pop in their favorite video and send the babysitter on their way. Got nothing new to wear? No one’s going to care!

How to have a flat stomach without breaking the bank? Stay where you are and enjoy the comforts of your own home.

Save Time

As it is, our busy schedules prevent us from doing leisurely activities and exciting new things. Work, school, family affairs, and even REST can eat up a lot of hours. No wonder many consider exercise as a dispensable pastime.

That shouldn’t be the case. Truly, CONSISTENCY paired with hard work will surely show you how to have a flat stomach.

Work up a sweat first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day, or even late into the night; there’s no pressure. For as long as you do your exercise routine regularly, it really doesn’t matter what time of day you choose to work out. Just make sure that you’re comfortable and it doesn’t disrupt your daily routine.

If anything, consistently working out at a particular time of day can be very habit-forming. Before you even realize it, you won’t even need to make an effort plotting your work out schedule; it’ll just be as natural as…going to the bathroom.

So you see, exercising and working for six pack abs don’t have to cost you much. Save on time and money but put in the same, if not more, effort into you fitness program, no matter where you are, no matter what time of day. Who knows, other people could turn to YOU and ask how to have a flat stomach.

Do you have your own cost effective flat stomach tips you’d like to share? Feel free to do so below.