How Do I Get Six Pack Abs With Free Weights?

“How do I get six pack abs?” I used to ask myself this question all the time. I’m pretty sure you have, too, at some point.

Stop staring at magazine ads and pictures of your favorite ripped actors. If you want washboard abs like theirs, better invest your money on training equipment, like free weights, cable wires, and a yoga ball – a small price to pay for high-intensity six pack abs training.

Before buying bulky exercise machines or state-of-the-art gym equipment, why don’t you try these three simple tools first? Stick to the basics and you can’t go wrong.

Weights For Free

Unlike exercise machines you see on television and online, free weights can zone in on your muscles without complicated instructions or unnecessary frills. They come in different sizes and grips, so you have an array of picks to choose from. Free weights definitely get the job done.

Wired and Ready to Go

Now, you might ask, “how do I get six pack abs with cable wires?” These babies provide a variety of exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime. Here are just a few examples that will get your blood pumping:

  • Bicep curl
  • Chest fly
  • Hammer curl
  • Chest press
  • Lat pulldown
  • Shoulder raise
  • Shoulder press

The moment I started using cable wires, my arm muscles felt tighter, my cuts got more defined, my pecks turned hard as rock, and my shoulders became broader. Clearly, my experience doesn’t just answer your question, “how do I get six pack abs?” It’s more of a holistic workout and that’s what’s great about it.

Ball’s in Your Court

“How do I get six pack abs with a yoga ball,” you ask? The Yoga ball reinforces your six pack abs training with free weights and cable wires. It strengthens your core, involves all other muscle groups simultaneously, promotes flexibility, and ensures balance.

One Yoga ball exercise I like to do is called the stability ball hip flexion. Your goal is to balance your entire body with your legs (shins) on the ball while in a push-up position. Slowly roll the ball toward the direction of your hands by folding your knees closer to your body.

Another effective yoga ball workout I do is the stability ball planks hold. Simply assume a push-up position with your forearms resting on the ball. Then, hold that position for about a minute. As with other exercises for six pack abs, you know you’re doing it right if you feel your abdominal muscles contract.

No PAIN, no GAIN, right?

Once you’ve gotten the hang of these techniques, you won’t find the need to bust your behind (or your wallet) for exercise machines anymore. Now, if someone asks YOU, “how do I get six pack abs,” you know very well what to tell them. Get free weights, cable wires, and yoga balls and workout within your budget. Get ripped and cut while you save – there’s no better feeling than that…

Which of these options have you tried? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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I Want Six Pack Abs – What Does It Really Take?

A friend of mine once told me, “I want six pack abs just like yours.” I felt elated, I tell you; it was a boost to my ego like nothing else. But, truth be told, I still think I have a long way to go before achieving THE six pack I’ve wanted for years.

I have to stress that I’ve been working really hard since day one. When I say “work,” I mean going through constant six pack abs training and following a strict diet. Sounds hard core, I know.

But having someone compliment you on how good you look is totally worth all that. I want six pack abs and I’m actually doing something about it. It’s easy to want things, but you have to be proactive to attain them.

A six pack is probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself. If you love yourself and want to look good SHIRTLESS (anyone with washboard abs can pull it off, admit it), you need to work really hard at it.

Good Carbs, Good Protein, Good Fats

You can think “I want six pack abs” all you want. But if you continue to chow down on junk food and simple sugars, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Your diet for six pack abs will greatly affect the level at which you workout. Therefore, you must eat only good carbohydrates (whole grains and green leafy vegetables), good proteins (lean meats, tofu, and yogurt), and good fats (extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and fish rich in Omega-3). By doing so, your body can perform at its optimum level.

Always remember that a healthy diet begins the moment you buy your groceries, and ends when your body has used up all the nutrients. So, the next time you tell yourself, “I want six pack abs,” you better be SHOPPING HEALTHY and EATING HEALTHY.

Work Your Way to A Healthier, Leaner “You”

Naturally, after discussing the right diet, we move on to six pack abs training. Eating healthy food makes up only one part. Using up that energy to burn fat and build muscle is another.

A highly effective workout routine will require nothing more than your desire for a fit body, determination to follow through, and an adequate understanding of orthodox exercises. Free weights and dumbbells are the two most common tools you can use when you exercise. Utilize these tools and you’ll never have to say “I want six pack abs” ever again. Soon enough, you will have them.

For me, the best exercise for six pack abs is a combination of many techniques. Confining yourself to just one kind of exercise is boring and ineffective. Try mixing it up; do a combination of cardio, bodyweight, free weights, core, and strength training. Do this regularly and you’ll see results in no time at all.

When I said, “I want six pack abs,” I knew I meant it. So should you.

Ripped midsections aren’t impossible to achieve if you truly put your mind and body in to it. The best (and healthiest) approach is to have a well-balanced diet and intense six pack abs training.

Six pack abs is all about learning the facts and using them to your advantage…Find a workout routine that best suits you.

Which six pack abs strategies are working well for you? Share them by commenting below.