Day 1: The 3 Best Ways to Build Your Abs!…

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The number one question I get over and over is: what are the best abdominal exercises?

By the time you finish reading this article and taking action, you’ll see why these abs exercises are FAR superior to what most people are doing (and why they’re not seeing any real results)…

NOTE: Now while ab exercises are clearly an important step in developing your six pack, you’ll discover (in future days of this mini-course) how fat burning, proper nutrition, and weight training are also extremely important to getting six pack abs…

Ok, back to abs exercises…

As you know, ab exercises not only create larger, more visible abs – they also tighten your stomach which helps give you that healthy, sexy appearance.

Yet it is common to find that the exercises you use aren’t working. That is because it is common to waste your time on less effective methods of building your abdominal muscles.

1) Move Beyond the Traditional Crunches…

Standard crunches aren’t terrible, but they are not even close to the best way to work out your abs.

There are several far superior ab exercises that are known to build your abs faster, stronger, and more defined. Using these more effective ab exercises will help you build your abs more quickly and achieve more noticeable changes in less time.

Double Crunch

The double crunch is a more effective version of the standard crunch.

  1. You start in the standard crunch position (back against the ground, arms behind your head with your elbows out), but instead of placing your feet against the floor, you bring your legs up so that your thighs point straight into the air.
  2. Then, as you perform the standard crunch, you also bring your knees toward your arms using the lower half of your abdomen.


Here’s a video demonstration of double crunches:


This style of crunch is easy in theory but difficult in practice, and will lead to more rapid ab muscle increase.

Head to Toe Touches

Sometimes referred to as V-Ups, Head to Toe Touches are also easy to understand exercise that are far more beneficial to building six pack abs.

  1. You start by laying with your back against the mat, with your arms up over your head and your legs straight out (knees unbent) at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Then bend yourself at the waist while raising your legs (still straight)
  3. Try to touch your toes before lowering yourself back down to the start position.


man-doing-head-to-toe-crunches-starting-position man-doing-head-to-toe-crunches-middle-position

Here’s a video demonstration of a variation of the head-to-toe crunches called the Leg-up Touch Crunch:


Bicycle Crunches

The king of abdominal exercises, bicycle crunches are one of the most popular ways to build both your abs and your obliques. You start in a position similar to the standard crunch, except rather than put both feet on the mat, you’ll keep both legs in the air with one stretched out and one knee bent towards you. You then combine two actions.

  1. First, you switch your legs (bending the other knee towards you and stretching the other leg out). This will create a motion like you are pedaling.
  2. Second, you lift your head and try to touch your knee with your opposite arm’s elbow, while keeping your hands behind your head. You then switch legs (and arms) again.
  3. Once you’ve completed 10 to 15 reps, perform the same exercise while “pedaling” backwards.
woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-1 woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-2


Here’s a video demonstration of a variation of the bicycle crunch using a medicine ball:


Crunches on an Exercise Ball

One of the problems with standard crunches is that you are not getting the full range of motion. Your back has the ability to stretch further backwards, using your ab muscles to raise you up. When you are on the ground, you are limited to keeping your back flat, which in turn limits the benefits of the crunches.

On an exercise ball, you can place your feet on your ground and your rear on the ball, giving you not only more range of motion, but also using more muscles as you try to stay balanced. This will vastly increase the success of your crunches.

woman-doing-abs-cruches-on-exercise-ball-starting-position woman-doing-abs-cruches-on-exercise-ball-end-position

Here’s a video demonstration of a variation of the exercise ball crunches:


2) Slow Down…Do Less!

In addition to the types of ab workouts you perform, you will also need to make sure you are working your muscles correctly in a way that will stimulate muscle growth. Contrary to popular belief, ab muscles are no different than any other muscle in your body. Like all muscles, in order to build size and strength, you need to build resistance.

Doing a thousand crunches at a time may be great for your ego, but it will not build your abs.

Your best bet is to stick to 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. When you find that this is becoming too easy for you, try to find ways to add weight in order to increase the challenge. This added resistance will help increase the size.

Also, remember that ab muscles are like all other muscles. Slow, deliberate movements will have far more benefits than fast, out of control exercises that may not be stimulating your muscles correctly.



3) Work Your Entire Core…

Finally, remember that it’s not enough to simply build ab muscles. You should be working your entire core. Work on your obliques, your hip abductors and your lower back as well. All of these will not only increase your strength – they will also increase the visibility of your abdominal muscles, your ability to do more focused ab workouts, and they decrease the risk of fatigue or injury.

Examples of core exercises you can do from home include:


Bridge Pose

The bridge pose actually comes straight from yoga, and is a great, easy workout for your hips and lower back. It also stretches your abdominal muscles to reduce aches after the workout. To do the bridge pose,

  1. you start on your back with your arms at your sides and your knees bent at a 45 degree angle with your feet against the ground.
  2. Using your hips (not your arms), lift your body up like a bridge.
  3. Finally, raise and lower your hips gently for 10 reps.
woman-doing-bridge-pose-starting-position woman-doing-bridge-pose-middle-position

Side Crunches


Side crunches are designed to target your obliques more. Many people forget that obliques are actually one of the primary muscles that create defined abs. Side crunches are performed very similar to standard crunches.

  1. Get in the standard crunch position, but rather than put your feet on the ground with your knees in the air,
  2. twist your body so that both of your legs are laying to one side of you (your knees should still be bent).
  3. Do 3 sets of 10 crunches and then switch to the other side.

Building Well Defined Abs…

Everyone wants to develop rock hard, well defined abs. But to do so you must make sure that you truly understand how to create the abs you desire. Doing more intense ab exercises, focusing on your entire core, and adding resistance instead of reps are all important for getting you the abs you want.

CAUTION: Doing Abs exercises alone will NOT give you lean six pack abs…

Be on the look out for Day 2 tomorrow:
What You MUST Do BEFORE  Performing Abs Exercises…NOT doing this could Destroy Your Changes of Getting a Six Pack…

Got a question or comment? Got something to add? Let me know below…I respond to all comments…

50 thoughts on “Day 1: The 3 Best Ways to Build Your Abs!…”

  1. This will give you great results once you’ve gotten to about 8-12% body fat. Before that, you should concentrate on fat-burning (day#1)…

  2. Do you think I’ll be able to have a nice stomach by Spring Break? I’m 5’4 and 100 pounds.

  3. Thanks for your question….That’s pretty aggressive…Follow the advice in the entire 6-part mini-course and stay disciplined and you definitely make great results!

  4. I need your. I’m 15 years old, 5’10 and I weight 215 pounds. I’ve been doing exercises like push ups and crunches and double crunches. But I don’t really see any results. I’ve been doing my routine for about 3 weeks now. I don’t know if its the exercises I’m doing or if its my diet. 0 ya one more thing I’m trying to have a flat stomach or abs by the 4th of july because me and my dad made a bet. PLEASE HELP ME TRAVIS I’M ABOUT 2 GIVE UP BECAUSE NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK!!!!

  5. You’ll get more answers! Just stay with the 6-part mini-course and take action after you check with you doctor…

  6. Hi travis I live in new zealand and really want to do all these exercises but i realized that i dont have an exercise ball and dont have any money to buy one can you help me with what to do?

  7. Hi Amos,

    You can still do the body weight exercises and abs exercises that do not require an exercise ball, like: double crunches, bicycle, etc.

  8. Thanks for the question, Allen. I share my answer to you question later in the 6-part course…Please look out for it in the next few days…

  9. hey u give me answer in hindi language bcause i am indian so do’nt understood in english sugession plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………

  10. Travis,
    hey, :D im a 16 years old boy, i wanna say, i’ve already subsribe to this but, seems like i only get day 1 news, and it stop… im looking forward to get day two news, Im living at Malaysia, i know its far but, i really looking forward to receive my day 2 workout, hey, its normal rite? to want to have have six pack at this age, :)

    peace out.

  11. Welcome, Jonathan! Sure it’s normal to want a six pack at your age; but I recommend consulting with your doctor first :)

  12. Re: Travis,

    Hey, thx for ya reply, and im seeing result already! cant wait to have em’ all! THANKS TRAVIS! :D

  13. Hey Kevin! You’re already quite thin but what’s your body fat % (bf%)? Here’s a calculator to get a rough estimate:

    You need to be at or below your ideal bf% to start seeing your abs ( Many thin guys don’t realize that they can be “skinny fat”….If you bf% is at or below the ideal, doing these exercises will definitely help you to start seeing a nice six pack :)

    I hope this helps…if not, please ask any further questions….

  14. I’ll share an eating strategy for getting six pack abs later in the 6-part mini-course…stay tuned!

  15. Hey Travis,

    Im 14 years old 5,9 and 130 pounds
    I have little belly
    what do you think how many months can i have 6 packs


  16. Hi Miguel! Since you’re so young, remember to talk to your parents and a doctor before beginning an exercise program.

    With that said, doing these abs exercises will definitely help. And since you’re pretty thin, it should take too long.

    I will talk about some other keys aspect to getting a 6 pack in the upcoming days so way out for each day :)

  17. hey travis my name is chris fields and i am 5’9 and 163 i want to have a better lookin abs by july 30 can u make that possible/can I

  18. Hi Chris!

    I cannot make that happen for you but you definitely can, if you follow this eating and exercise strategy :)

  19. i want to have a flat stomach, how can i be able to achieve the fastest way in turning my stomach in a simple way. although my stomach is not too much big. i hope you can be able to help me make my stomach flat.

    thanks in advance


  20. Hey Vincent!

    The fastest way to flatten your stomach is to combine a good eating strategy, fat-burning and muscle-building exercises along with the proper abs exercises.

    Read each day of the 6-part mini-course. It’ll tell you have to do each piece of the puzzle.

    Let me know of your progress :)

  21. hey can u tell me how much time should i dedicate for exercise also i feel very weak so what diet can increase my power

  22. Hey Travis,
    I was wondering, do I do these day 1 workout everyday? Also, what is the best time of day to weigh you self? (e.g. ldo I do it in the morning after breakfast, after…. in the afternoon…???)

  23. Exercise is a very important part to getting a six-pack: muscle-building, fat-building and abs-building. About 30 minutes, 3 times a week is good.

    Also, if you feel weak, I recommend seeking a advise from a physician. I will give you a eating strategy later in the 6-part course.

  24. hi travis, im 16 years old, 1.78m , 139pounds.. i calculate my bodyfat is 11.5% but i still only have 4-pack.. on the upper abs.. its very hard to get the lower abs… how many more fats that i still have to burn to get six-pack abs? thx…

  25. Thanks, Gabriel!

    Two things:
    1) The lower abs are usually the LAST place fat is shed so you’ll need to shoot for a BF% of about 8-9% (I talk about this more in a later email- watch out for it)
    2) Keep doing the abs exercises on this page to work upper & lower abs…

    Good Luck :)

  26. hey travis,
    im 12 and 4”9′ at 102.8 pounds!!!!! how long would it take me to get a 6 pack??? i really really really really need your help!! plzzzzz

  27. Hi Jada! I appreciate your enthusiasm but you should definitely check with your parents before starting an exercise program :-)

  28. hey my name is andrew and i started out today i hope this really work cause i try so many things

  29. The key is consistency! Stick with it and you’ll see results :)

    Try to resist the urge to look for the “secret” formula. This keeps many people from sticking with a single program long enough to see results…

  30. Hi Omarwael. Thanks for your question. I get this question a lot. I will address that later in the 6-part minicourse.

    Before that, I share with you 3 other important factors in getting and keeping great abs…stay tuned :)

  31. Hey Travis, I really admire your killer ABS. I’m a 50.
    I have been following the ABS diet program, ABS exercises,
    and core exercises. Also I was using my total until I
    hurt my shoulder. I have seen great improvement although
    my ABS only show a small amount. Will your program
    help me develop ABS that I have always wanted? Thanks.

  32. Hi Guy! They key is consistency! If you make this more of a lifestyle habit and not just a “diet”, you’ll find yourself getting and keeping great abs in no time :)

  33. Hi travis, i have tried the day 1 program. so when the day 2 ‘s article comes? it’s really work! thanks dude

  34. Hi Aledro!

    If you put what you learn from this course into action, starting today, you will definitely move towards great abs fast!

    Keep me posted :)


  36. Hi Hamzh, I’m not a doctor but I did use to be “painfully skinny” when I was younger…I know what it’s like to be the “little” guy.

    After trying to gain weight and muscle for YEARS and failing time after time, I found this program: No Nonsense Muscle Building

    In fact, I’m currently using it and I’ve added about 10 lbs ( 0.7 stone) of muscle in just a few weeks!! I plan to stay on it until I reach my goal of 14lbs (1 stone) of muscle gain :)

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