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A typical workout for 6 pack abs takes about 30 minutes to a full hour. But that can be a little bit limiting, especially if you want to see results fast. Doing exercises sporadically during the day, even when you’re not in workout mode, can fix all that.

Take away a solid 10 hours for your time spent in public, like in the office or school, and another 8 for rest. That leaves you with 6 hours – that’s still plenty of time to do all sorts of things.

Taking advantage of all that remaining time is the best way to get 6 pack abs fast. Where every movement and every bit of energy spent counts, you’ll definitely be surprised by how quick you get those washboard abs.

The Fantastic Four: Abdominal Exercises You Can Do Virtually Anywhere

You may or may not be familiar with the techniques listed below. But I assure you that these easy yet effective fat-burning, core-strengthening exercises can reinforce your program even when you’re not in the middle of your actual workout for 6 pack abs.

1. Sit-ups and Crunches. These are the most basic exercises for your abs. Do variations, such as the oblique crunch (come up diagonally rather than vertically), and you’ll never get bored of them.

2. Seated Torso Twist. This one works like a reverse sit-up, but with an added twist (quite literally, actually). While seated, bend your knees with both of your feet flat on the floor. Slowly lean backward until you are at a 45-degree angle, and hold that position for as long as you can. When your abdominal muscles start to tremble, you know it’s working.

Workout for 6 Pack Abs Anywhere – 4 Easy Exercises

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3. Standing Side Bends. You might already have these in your workout for 6 pack abs, but it can only be more advantageous if you continue performing them afterward. Standing abdominal exercises are actually better because they don’t strain your back or neck as much as seated abdominal exercises do. Also, you don’t have to sprawl yourself out on the floor, which can’t be good if you’re wearing a skirt or expecting company.

4. Dance. Basic belly dancing and hip-hop moves are easy and FUN to do. You can do them alone or involve your friends and family.

With any of these exercises, it is important to keep those core muscles TIGHT. Remember to contract your abdominal muscles, as if pulling your belly button inward. This will ensure that you get the most out of these spur-of-the-moment exercises.

Unlike your workout for 6 pack abs, you don’t have to bring out your yoga mat or put on your gym clothes for these exercises. You can perform any of these while doing household chores, watching television, or talking on the phone.

Work those muscles even after your workout for 6 pack abs.  Who knew idle time could be so much fun.

What’s your favorite six pack abs exercise? Share your opinion below.

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I am sure you agree with me when I say that sitting in front of your computer everyday in the office has caused you to add a few fat ounces on your belly. And who wouldn’t? With the unmotivated and inactive habits that office life has led you to, it is surely only a matter of time before you all get that nasty excess fat in your tummy. Do you want to learn a good exercise to reduce your belly fat?

However, with your hectic schedules and tiring lifestyles, you probably know and admit the fact that it is difficult for you to sign up in a local gym or fitness center to make sure that you still stay in good shape. You might even find yourself too exhausted to push yourself to exercise to reduce your belly fat, after reaching home from the office even if you wanted to.

I am not going to waste your time anymore then, let me introduce you to the 3 simple yoga exercises that are not only successful in reducing your belly fat but also proven to help you relax and prepare you for a good and restful night of sleep. Here’s how to do the meditative exercises:

  • Sukhasana Yoga Asana: Sit in basic crossed-leg position. Slide our heels away from each other so that they rest under your knees. This incredibly works your hips and belly. Then take your feet forward so your shins are in a horizontal line. Reach out your fingertips as far as you can in front of your legs, and then drop your head so you face the floor. Remember to make your breathing constant. Repeat at least ten times.
  • Naukasana Yoga Asana: Another yoga exercise to reduce your belly fat is to follow these steps: Lie down on any flat surface and lift your legs and upper torso at a 30 degree-angle and hold the position for thirty seconds. Then release the lift and breathe. Remember, do this regimen at least ten times then increase as desired.  This is one wonderful yoga exercise to reduce belly fat as it tightens and tenses your upper and lower belly muscles.
  • Ushtrasana Yoga Asana: So you want one more meditative exercise to reduce your belly fat? This is how it is done. First, stand on your knees making sure that your heels face upward. Then put your hands close to your knees with your back arched in a wide U position. Count 30 seconds then return to initial pose. Repeat for at least ten times then increase as desired. Listen here, this yoga exercise is guaranteed to reduce belly fat as it releases the tension on your belly muscles to balance the contraction.

I am sure that once you have mastered at least one yoga exercise to reduce your belly fat and make it a usual part of your routine before going to bed, you’ll immediately see the results in a few weeks. Check these fantastic exercises out yourself and be prepared to say goodbye to belly fat and hello sexy!

What yoga exercise have you tried that works? Share it with us by entering your comments below.


4 Great Diet Tips to Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Exercises such as weight training, stretches, flexes and cardio alone will not get you those six pack abs. To be able to totally get rid of belly fat and unveil that well-sculpted figure, you must also consider a successful diet plan.

If you are only exercising, you will most likely be inclined to eat more. To successfully get rid of belly fat, it is important to also monitor your eating habits. All your hard work will be put in vain if you are still living an unhealthy diet.

Avoiding tempting foods which are bad for your health will take a lot a discipline. Well, it will all be worth it when you get six pack abs in the end. So let me help you by giving the top 4 tips to help you follow a successful diet.

1. Change into a Better lifestyle.

If you want to get rid of belly fat for good and achieve your six pack abs goal, you must commit yourself to change your lifestyle completely. Being a constant beer drinker or a smoker will do you no good.  If you’re someone who loves unlimited French fries with those half-pound cheeseburgers, then, as much as possible, avoid eating these top-greasers.

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid eating your favorite foods. It only means that from now on, you will have to monitor your intake and take things in moderation.  You must learn which types of food will be good for your workout.

2. Remember the Golden Rule in Dieting.

Remember this simple fact: do not consume more than what you put out. This golden rule in any dieting and exercise plan is the most crucial. Balance and maintenance should always be a priority. When you eat more than you exercise, you will not get rid of belly fat. Likewise, if you exercise and not eat at all, you are prone to weakness, dehydration and over exhaustion.  This can also cause other harmful effects on your body like muscle loss.

3. Be your own coach and watch-guard.

Constantly remind yourself of your six pack abs goal. Envision your physique once you achieve your goals. Let this be your personal motivation to continue your endeavor. Don’t forget to also be your own watch-guard.  There are times when your favorite greaser foods or the ice-cold beer will be quite a temptation. Remember balance and moderation along with the right discipline will get you six pack abs.

4. Keep Track of Your Progress.

The key to get rid of belly fat with a successful diet is to keep track of your progress. Even if it’s half an inch off your waist or consuming the planned meal, always write down your progress.

So, to get six pack abs you need a healthy lifestyle, well-balanced diet, self discipline and make a list of your progress. By doing all these 4 tips, you will get rid of belly fat fast and it’s not impossible. A lot of people succeeded already, and so can you!

What diet strategies can you share? Enter your own comments below.


3 Things You Should Know To Get Fast Abs

Fast abs are possible, with some common sense and a lot of effort. The problem with getting those abs toned quickly is that most people want them with little effort and use little common sense in the ways they try to get them.

1. Abdominal exercises are strenuous, and can cause straining and even injury if not done properly and in moderation.

You say that all exercise is strenuous?

This is true. But there is a big difference between walking around the block quickly and running a marathon.

Think about all those people who go out and shovel snow each winter, with little or no exercise during the summer months. They sit and watch television most evenings, instead of doing a small basic exercise routine. They don’t even get up and stretch regularly. Then a heavy snow falls, and they go out and give themselves strokes.

No one should embark on a specific regimen that isolates muscles, without first exercising the whole body. A general exercise plan is where you start.

2. Not everyone has the same muscle groups, hormone levels, or hereditary factors, and they shouldn’t expect the same results.

When you look at those posters of washboard abs, are you looking at 6 packs or 8 packs? There is a lower abdominal muscle called the pyramidalis, and not everyone has this muscle. Building the lower abs will give you different results if you don’t.

Women and men have different testosterone levels. Even men and men have differing testosterone levels. Testosterone is essential to building muscles.

For a long time weight lifters and athletes compensated for this factor by taking steroids, until they found out how bad that is for you. Still, some body builders and athletes took it to boost their performance, until they made it illegal. Now they disqualify people from competitions who use certain supplements or prescriptions, including steroids.

If your testosterone levels are not high, you can get a well toned magnificent body, along with those fast abs, but you won’t get a lot of bulk in those muscles. This is a plus for most women, who do not want to build, and it looks very attractive on many men, as well.

3. Some of us have hereditary factors to consider.

An irregular metabolism is the first, which can be influenced by a variety of factors. Thyroid and pituitary glands may under or over function along with the pancreas, to mention a few. The problem may not be severe enough to require medication, but it will affect they way you gain and lose weight, and how fast you can do it.

A visit to the doctor for a physical can be helpful if you are just starting out or are having problems you don’t understand. This can clarify a lot of issues and keep you from getting discouraged, as well, if your results aren’t quite the same as you anticipated.

4. Herbal supplements may help.

If you are in the prime of health, and still not turning that body into lean muscle, you may consider some of the many herbal supplements that are on the market today. Green tea will help you lose weight. There are natural hormone derivatives that won’t harm your body, also.

The last piece of common sense is that exercise is good for you. Don’t overdue it and strain yourself, and you’ll be more likely to get great fast abs along with a healthier looking body.

Impart your own personal tips by entering your comments below.


Get Female Abs – Six Pack Women Secrets

Most fitness trainers hear the question “How do I get a flat stomach?”The truth is getting a sexy body is going to take work. But with the help of female abs six pack women secrets, it will be a piece of cake. Getting a flat stomach and sculpted abs is going to take a combination of good nutrition, cardio exercise and exercises to target the ab muscles themselves. The best results happen when you combine all three of these techniques.

1. Good nutrition is the foundation for fitness. It is the key secret of female abs six pack women. You’ve got to control the kind and amount of food that you put into your body on a daily basis. If you get most of your calories from fast food and processed junk, you are not going to have a healthy body.

When you eat natural and whole foods, you’ll create a healthy physique. You’ll also give your body the best chance it has to create lean, tight abs.

Instead of cutting calories, try spreading your food intake out throughout the day into five to six small meals a day. You’ll keep your metabolism fired up all day long and burn more fat.

2. Exercise is the second important component of the female abs six pack women secrets. Cardio exercise is the best way to burn fat. It doesn’t matter what type you pick as long as you do it regularly.


Cardio exercise can include running, walking, dancing and cycling. Whatever moves your body and gets your heart pumping faster will help you burn fat. You’ll lose the fat that has built up over your ab muscles.

3. The last and most important female abs six pack women secret you should know is to continue with exercises specifically targeted to work your abdominal muscles.

Remember your ab muscles have three different layers. To reach all three, it is better to do less reps at a more intense pace.

A lot of women believe they need to do 50 to 100 crunches per day. They think that’s one great female abs six pack women secret. If you do these many reps, how can you be sure that you are using the right form? It’s better to do less reps correctly than lots of reps. When crunches are done properly, 15 to 20 a day should be plenty.

To do a proper crunch, you’ll have to focus on using you abdominal muscles, and not your back or arms, to lift your torso. Raise your head slowly and stop as your muscles contract. Don’t try to touch your knees. Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly return your head to the floor.

The key is in doing each crunch slowly and deliberately. Don’t power through them. Feel the muscles contract and hold them. This is the best way to get your dream body. Now, isn’t it good to know all the female abs six pack women secrets?

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