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2 Important Techniques on How to Get Flat Abs

We all want to know how to get flat abs with the least amount of time and effort. I’ll tell you right now, you need to get your head out of the clouds if you thin you can get washboard abs with just a snap of the finger. However, you don’t have to spend ridiculous and unrealistic amounts of money or time on it either.

The secret is this: you must maintain some kind of balance, utilize both economical and effectual strategies for weight-loss and muscle development, and commit to improving your overall lifestyle.  Something as desirable and real as six pack abs will entail some level of work, but not the kind that will leave you penniless, unmotivated, and uninspired.

Without the right kind of information on how to get flat abs, you’re essentially screwed. You can try out all the crazy diets and gadgets being flashed in your face every single day, but without the basic know-how, it would almost seem like you’re going around in circles, never reaching that finish line. You need to be familiar with two vital aspects of proper fitness – nutrition and exercise – because if you don’t, you’re only going to get scammed and frustrated time and time again.

Here are the two main aspects of proper fitness:

2 Important Techniques on How to Get Flat Abs

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1. Good Nutrition. How to get flat abs with nutrition? By eating the right kinds of food and staying away from the bad ones, that’s how.

Something as mundane as eating is actually more than just the actual food you consume everyday. You eat because your body needs energy and nutrients to survive. When you work out, your body requires certain minerals and macronutrients to keep it going even under such stressful and strenuous activities.

Next time you’re in line at the supermarket or eating out with friends, think about this for a second: is this what my body needs or is it just something I want to eat? It’s just that sometimes, what you want is not necessarily what you need.

If you want to know how to get flat abs, you must assess your diet. Stick to healthier food options like whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood, and other low-fat or high-protein sources.

2. Regular Exercise. Think of exercise as diet’s indispensable better-half. One without the other is like wearing just one shoe – you still get to your destination, but it sure would’ve been a lot easier if you were wearing the other pair, too.

Hitting the gym or working out everyday is more than you need. Working out every other day should be more beneficial because even hardworking muscles, like your abs, need ample rest. Combine targeted abs exercises with full body workouts and you’ll melt that extra tummy fat right off.

Without a doubt, good nutrition and regular exercise are the primary ingredients on how to get flat abs. One will work without the other, but if you want to get six pack abs fast, you really have to incorporate the two.

Do you have flat abs? Add the #3 strategy you have done to get it! Share them by adding your suggestions below.

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3 Important Guidelines on How to Get Abs Fast

Do you want to know how to get abs? There are so many formulas and fitness programs full of empty promises out in the market today that it’s very hard to tell which ones really work. Knowing the three most valuable components of a successful fitness plan, however, can spare you from having to deal with these so-called six pack secrets.

Here’s the thing. There are hardly any secrets when it comes to building six pack abs. Everything you need to know is just one click away, thanks to the wonders of technology. The tricky part is knowing where to look.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to get abs on my own; it took me a long time to adapt to a system that worked for ME personally. With a little trial-and-error and a whole lot of research, I soon discovered what really did work. The good news is that you’ll find out by the time you’re done reading this piece.

You can put your wallet away because you won’t need it, that’s for sure. Customized diet packages, high-tech equipment, and miracle supplements are not required. Aren’t you relieved to hear that?

However, you will need to tweak your lifestyle a bit. Easier said than done, I know, but with a positive attitude, some dedication, and determination, it can be done.

You do want to understand how to get abs fast, I get that. But diet and plain exercise alone aren’t going to be enough I’m afraid. Consider ALL three aspects and you might just be surprised how fast you can build abdominal muscles:

1. Committing to a healthy diet. Meals that are low-fat, high-protein, and packed with vitamins and other nutrients will allow your body to function at its peak. If you have a high body fat percentage, it would really be advisable to lessen your intake of fatty foods. Instead, load up on healthier food options like the following:

  • Tofu
  • Beans
  • Fish
  • A variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Low-fat yogurt

If you stick to a balanced, low-fat diet, you will be this much closer to getting six pack abs.

2. Creating a general exercise strategy. When planning your exercise strategy around how to get abs, you must consider three aspects – where, when, and how you work out. It is important to choose an environment that is most advantageous for you.

If you feel that doing cardio with other people motivates you more, then you can easily join your local gym or sign up for a fitness class at your community center. If you’re the shy type, working out in the privacy of your own home can be just as effective.

As far as time goes, it really depends what time of day you feel you’re at your most productive state. Some prefer exercising before going to work, some would do it right after. The most important thing is that you work out at a consistent time.

3. Performing exercises that target your abs. The last aspect on how to get abs consists of targeted abdominal exercises. Doing crunches, sit ups, and bicycles regularly will get that midsection toned and ripped in no time.

So commit to your diet, get comfortable with your general exercise strategy, and be consistent with your ab exercises beginning today. It won’t be long before you start to feel good and LOOK GOOD.

Are there other ways you can think of to get abs fast? Share them through your comments below.


The Top Six Pack Abs Muscle Exercise

If you’ve been dying to make your spare tire into a six-pack, you are not alone. Sculpting abdominal muscles seems to be a national obsession. Just look at the amount of infomercials on television in the last few years that have products claiming to create the washboard stomach of your dreams!

Fortunately, there are effective six pack abs muscle exercises that you can do in your very own home, with very little equipment that will sculpt your body the way that you want!

Before we start describing the six pack abs muscle exercises, there are a few tips we need to cover. First, know that in order to create the washboard stomach of your dreams…you need to commit to doing the exercises! This is not something that’s going to happen overnight, folks. Practice makes perfect, and regular exercise makes a perfect set of abs.

Secondly, spot training like these ab exercises work…but only if you don’t have a huge layer of fat covering up your stomach. If you are overweight, you need to commit to doing aerobic workouts too to whittle down your overall weight. Only then will you be able to see the benefits of your six pack abs muscle exercises.

Finally, get a journal, spreadsheet, wall calendar..whatever you like…to track your progress. Invest in a tape measure (they are really not that expensive) and record your waist size weekly. On the weeks that you feel you aren’t getting anywhere, look back to your measurements. Those will show you the real picture!

Now on to the six pack abs muscle exercises!

1. Abdominal Crunch

You can perform this lying on the ground or leaning on a large fitness ball. This old standby will sculpt your abs like no other exercise out there. Place your hands lightly on the sides of your head and lean your head back. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then lift your chin towards the ceiling. Even though it sounds odd, the tongue part is really important!

2. Alternating Leg Extensions

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Bring both of your knees up into the air, and then extend one leg out in front of you. Keep the other knee pulled in. At the same time, bring your opposite shoulder towards the bent knee. Try to touch your elbow to your opposite knee. Switch sides and repeat.

3. Reverse Crunch

This really helps target the lower abdominal muscles. Lie with your arms out toward your sides and palms against the floor. Lift your hips and bent knees off of the floor by pulling in your lower abs. Then return them to the floor.

These six pack abs muscle exercise should be repeated on alternating days, or every day, depending on your fitness level. Remember to track your progress and give yourself time to sculpt your middle.


Are 8 Pack Abs Possible?

Click here only if you’re serious about getting the best possible abs…

Do you remember the first time you heard about the possibility of getting EIGHT pack abs?

The first time I heard about “8 pack abs” I instantly thought it was just a myth. I mean, a six pack is already quite a challenge to get AND maintain.

I thought 8 pack abs were simply IMPOSSIBLE.

What do you think?

The Genetic Factor

Okay, you’re probably wondering, can you get 8 pack abs?

The answer: maybe!

With determination, the right diet, the right exercise and yes…the right GENETICS!

The truth is that this is one of those cases where your genetics can make it easier or near impossible.

It has to do with the structure of your abdominal muscles- specifically the part that “creates” the 8-pack. You see, the extra two-pack that sets and 8-pack apart from a 6-pack is at the bottom of the abs. And this is generally the hardest area to lose belly fat.

But also, for most of us, this part of the abs just does not have the deep “line” in between the abs muscle that you see from the 6 packs above. This is the “line” that creates the separation between “packs”. If it’s not deep enough, if might be near impossible to get 8 pack abs.

So, what does this all mean to you? Your genetics can be a major factor in how easy it is for you to get an 8-pack.

If you’re one of the lucky people and have the right genetics, the next step is a serious fat-burning, muscle-building program.

Here are 5 powerful, belly fat-stripping exercises that can give you every chance to getting 8-pack abs:

  • Squats
  • Pull-Ups
  • Interval Training Cardio
  • Push-ups
  • Deadlifts


Abs Exercise

In addition to burning of your excess body fat, in a moment, you’ll find out the top abs exercises for building an awesome 8-pack.

Let’s focus on that last bit: Ab Exercise.

It’s something a lot of people dread because they consider it as work. If you think about it, it does require a lot of work. But keeping your eye on the prize only makes the journey worthwhile.

You have to start somewhere, right?

These 4 ab exercises are the most basic drills you can do to get 8 pack abs:

  1. Weighted Sit Ups
  2. Bicycles
  3. Full Body Crunches
  4. Reverse crunches

Weighted Sit Ups

Lay down on the floor, bend your knees slightly, and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Place the weight over your chest and secure it with both hands. Lift your shoulders off the floor slowly without moving the lower half of your body. Remember to keep those abdominal muscles tight. Once you’re at an angle, hold that position for as long as you can, then lower your shoulders back to the floor slowly.


This one’s my favorite out of the bunch. Simply lie down on the floor, bring your knees up alternately, as if you were biking in the air. Meanwhile, with your hands behind your ears, touch your right elbow to your left knee as it goes up, and then do the same with the other side.

woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-1 woman-doing-bicycle-abs-crunches-2

Full Body Crunches

This one’s a real challenge, but I feel that it’s doing a lot for my abs. I suggest you start doing it, too!

While still lying on the floor, rest your hands over your chest, and bend your knees once again. Raise your shoulders up as you would in a regular crunch.

Here comes the tricky part: while doing the crunches, try lifting your legs at the same time. Your target is to form a sort of horse shoe shape with your body every time you go in for that crunch. Hold that position while keeping your abs tight, and then go back to your original position.


Reverse Crunches

This is very similar to the upper body crunch, but instead of just focusing on the number of reps you do, you will be paying more attention to contracting your lower ab muscles and maintaining your form.  Slowly raise your knees upward toward you head then resume your original position.

That’s it! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you applied this exercise and fat-burning strategy (along with a solid eating strategy) today! This along with persistence will go a long way towards helping you achieve the “legendary” 8-pack abs!

You’ve made it this far…So now you have to choose between just reading this article and doing nothing or taking action on the body you want…Take action now :)

Do you know anyone with 8 pack abs? How did they do it? Let us know by sending your stories below.


Flat Stomach Diet Secrets, Revealed!

Who else wants a slimmer and toner tummy?  Everyone knows there is no getting around ageing. Picture yourself five years from now, you know it might be impossible to keep your flat belly and slim waist, don’t you? How many times have you been scolding yourself every time you fail to eat healthy or refuse to even take the stairs instead of an elevator?  But suppose you could do a solid commitment, the question is, do flat stomach diet secrets really work?

Let’s face it! I know you’ve been struggling from your unhealthy lifestyle. Gastronomically speaking, this is a time when everything can be enjoyed in a snap – instant coffee, instant noodles, instant meal, etc., in fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Pizza Hut

As you enjoy every bite with gusto, you obliviously take in more than what is necessary and over indulge. You forget that after the feasting pleasure, excessive servings of foods connote calories, weight gain, and bulging belly!

Here is the opportunity for you to uncover guaranteed and risk-free flat stomach diet secrets that can change how you see yourself and give that fabulous physique that you always wanted.

The Trick is to Maintain a Strong Mind Set!

Are you still pining over that T-bone in the fridge? How about those luscious, glimmering fried chicken in the bucket? Come on. Be a vegan for a while. Remember that animal meat has more calories and more chemical compounds that do not only add to your excess belly fat but also cause diseases.

If you’re still not moved, think of your huge body frame with cholesterol, protruding belly and heart problems. Think of the good benefits of herbs and vegetables in your body. For more graphic motivation, try to imitate the pose of the reed-thin model in Vogue magazine chewing on carrot stick with style. See, this simple flat stomach diet secret can make you look like her. OK, let’s proceed.

Healthy Fats, Protein and Carbs Combo!

You may have already heard that eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day is one of the proven steps to flatten the belly. Now, you might be thinking, “what should I eat”? It surprises me how most people starve themselves to death or stick to eating salads all day long. You don’t have to suffer, okay? There are tons of delicious low-calorie, low-carb recipes you can actually follow.

Keep in mind that you must include healthy fats such as olive oil, walnuts, natural peanut butter, almonds, etc. to your diet. Do you also need to include protein-rich foods? Yes, definitely! Protein aids in rebuilding the muscles after your workout.

Now listen closely! Complex carbohydrates are a must-have in your diet because these are your body’s primary source of energy. A list of flat stomach diet secrets includes good carbs which are also high in fiber. Some great examples of complex carbs are cereals, whole grain breads, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, low-fat yogurt, muesli, fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a secret, what you should avoid are simple carbohydrates such as cake, ice cream (fat-free or not), pasta and bread made with white flour, beer, wine, table sugar, corn syrup, candy, etc. Why? Here’s a fact for you, according to World Health Organization (WHO), sugars and other simple carbs are the leading cause of obesity epidemic worldwide. Think about this, belly fat is nothing as compared to an obese body.  Saying “NO!” to excess sugar is easier said than done, but you’ve got to do this to get a flat stomach.

Hydrate Yourself!

You probably know that drinking lots of water offers several benefits. Forget about unnecessary nibbling in between meals. FACT! Apart from flushing your system of dreadful toxins, drinking 8-12 glasses daily can make you stay fuller longer! If you are seriously committed to this diet, you’ve got to say no to soda and sugary drinks. Avoid extra sugar!

This list of easy-to-do flat stomach diet secrets opens an opportunity to change your lifestyle and to feel better about your own skin. I can’t wait till you try this strategy! You know what, don’t believe me, believe yourself!

Have the same strategies worked for you? Let us know by dropping a comment below.