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Unless you’re an experienced fitness coach with a six pack abs guide as a bible, you can never know for sure what type of workout your body needs. Effective exercises for six pack absinvolve two types — compound and isolation. These types of exercises have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand how they work.

Working on how to get six pack abs with the wrong routine can actually be frustrating. You need to ask yourself this: what specific isolation or compound exercise should I perform to shed unwanted fat in my midsection?

What is a Compound Exercise?

The goal of compound exercises is to stimulate your muscle groups using a wide range of motion. A lot of basketball (e.g. Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Kevin Garnett) and tennis (e.g. Rafael Nadal, Fernando Verdasco, Novak Djokovic) athletes regularly use this technique to maximize their post-game workouts and on-court activities.

Experts from various fields of fitness and health regard compound exercises as the ideal fat-burning habit. As you perform numerous compound exercises for six pack abs, not only do you get the most out of your workout, but you also enhance your coordination, balance, and flexibility. Compound exercises for your midsection are what you need when you’re aiming to lift heavier loads without sustaining muscle fatigue.

Here are a few common compound exercises for six pack abs you can start on:

  • Barbell squats
  • Pushups
  • Deadlifts
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Dumbbell overhead presses





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What is an Isolation Exercise?

Unlike compound exercises, the isolation technique involves only one muscle group that concentrates on developing your muscle strength. Isolation exercises are ideal for those people who easily get injured when stimulating numerous muscle groups at one time.

How to get six pack abs that are rock hard? Isolating those core muscles HARD, that’s how. The isolation techniques listed below are considered highly effective exercises for six pack abs:

  • Dumbbell bicep curls
  • Hamstring curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Rope pull downs
  • Yoga ball rollout
  • Jack knives
  • Barbell curls
  • Cable crossovers


Compound vs Isolation: Which is Better?

Picking one set of exercise over the other is unnecessary. In fact, combining both techniques and integrating them with your six pack abs guide can actually give you faster, better results. Always remember that exercises for six pack abs depend on your need, age, health, physical performance, and lifestyle. To get the most out of your workout (and to avoid accidents), follow a Certified fitness professional, I recommend Mike Geary of www.HotSixPackAbs.com.

Work those muscles and stay safe!

Which of these exercises work best for you? Let me know by entering your comments below.

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Reduce Fat Belly – 7 Sure-Fire Tips

To reduce fat belly is no walk in the park. The secrets to get six pack abs are: hard work, proper implementation and maintenance.

Many would assume there’s no way to reduce fat belly instantly and reveal the strong muscles. However, if you have the correct mindset and have the right tools, you can do it easily. Read on the following 7 sure-fire tips that will help you get your abs dream.

1. Set your Goal.

Determine your goals and make your guideline. Ask yourself why you want to reduce fat belly.  By doing this, you’ll have the right motivation to get you started.

2. Set a deadline.

It is not smart if you always plan but can’t find a way to follow it.  Re-scheduling your workouts again and again won’t reduce fat belly. You might chase after your six pack abs goal your whole life.

Tell yourself when you should get your goals done. Then you’ll have an idea how much effort you’re going to put on your goal.  This is also a good way to develop time management and determine your priorities.

3. Know the Right Exercise Routines.

Doing the right exercise is a sure-fire way to lose weight easily. Muscles appear and expand when they’re constantly moved or flexed. By exercising you not only burn away your fats, you’re also making your muscles more prominent.

Another important point, you must know which exercises would be best for your program. Most people believe that doing cardio alone will get you six pack abs. Well, to be honest, that’s not how it works.  Cardiovascular workout can burn fat but not as effective as full body workouts.  So might as well combine your abs-targeting exercises with complete body workouts like boxing, swimming, yoga and weight lifting.

4. Set up a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Eating right is as equally important as exercising. If you’re not eating right, all your efforts will go to waste. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is most ideal to lose weight easily.

Including protein-rich food and good fats in your meals is the effective approach for an abs diet. This helps you build lean muscles, boost metabolism and replenish your energy.

5. Self discipline.

Keeping up with your plans requires a lot of discipline on your part. Sometimes you get tempted to buy that morning coffee and doughnut. Restrain yourself. Think of your six pack abs goal.

To reduce fat belly, avoid falling into temptations. Be on the guard when you feel like weakening. Keep away from deep fried foods and junk foods.  These mouth-watering foods can ruin your program and affect your health.

6. Maintenance.

When you finally turn your fat to six pack abs, don’t forget to maintain it. Exercise, eat right, form new goals, and monitor your progress. Stopping your newly-established lifestyle will only get you back to where you started.  Besides, you wouldn’t want to look fabulous today, and look saggy again next month, would you?

7. Keep Track of your Progress.

Monitor your progress and keep your goals in check. You must always remember to take note of your achievements. Whether it’s an inch off your waist or a firmer abs, write it down. This way you’ll know how you lose weight easily.

Achieving that beautiful six pack abs is possible. You are highly capable. And when you follow these 7 tips, you’ll surely reduce fat belly and get a lean, sexier body!

Anything I missed? Add your own tip by sharing your insights below.


How to Get and Keep a Flat Sexy Stomach

Weight gain has always been a nagging issue…no wonder weight loss fads are surfacing every day; it’s hard to even keep track. People who try all these may be concerned about their health, while others just want to look great. I mean, let’s be real; who wouldn’t want a flat sexy stomach.

However, you should always be aware of your eating habits. You can’t allow yourself to sign up with a dieting fad that ultimately does more harm than good. You wouldn’t want your health to suffer, do you? Start educating yourself about the benefits of balanced nutrition and healthy meals. You may have not realized it yet, but some foods and drinks out in the market today contain empty calories. A good example of this is canned sodas which mainly contain artificial flavoring and sugar. Both have calories, but they don’t actually provide any nutritional value.

To be able to get a flat sexy stomach, some would even opt for an extreme diet fad – crash diets. Surely, they will lose a few pounds at first, but the weight will just come back soon after. The reason for this is that our bodies are conditioned to store more fat when it experiences starvation. Crash dieting will also signal the body to activate a considerably slow metabolism, keeping you farther away from getting a flat sexy stomach.

You should always eat a healthy breakfast because the first meal of the day boosts metabolism after a slow down during the sleep state. If you’re fond of going on fast food sprees, start limiting it. Or better yet, take them out completely.

And finally, if you really want to have that flat sexy stomach, you should get active through regular exercise, or perhaps engage in sports and activities that you enjoy. As long as you keep tabs on your weight loss regimen, you can be assured that you’re still getting the nutrition you need while keeping a healthy and active body.

What is your own flat sexy stomach secret? Share them with us by providing your insights below.


Men’s Abs – The Truth Behind The Hype

Perfect men’s abs are everywhere – TV, magazines, billboards. Toned, ripped abs are the hallmark of male physical perfection. Our culture has become obsessed with the abdominal region, and while self-improvement is a good thing, unhealthy fixation is not.

Every day, people all across the world head to the gym for hours of crunches to get stellar abs. Go into the fitness section of any bookstore and you’ll see dozens of books promising to reveal the secret of six pack abs.

Do you know what’s real and what’s just hype?

Before you being an abdominal workout routine, here’s the facts:

  1. The only way to “spot reduce” fat is with surgery.
  2. For your abdominal muscles to be seen, your body fat percentage must be less than 10%.
  3. Reducing fat and building or maintaining muscle requires a long-term regimen of diet, cardio, and toning exercise.

The “Spot Reduce” Fat Myth

Some machines, diets, and gimmicks will tell you that it is possible to use their product to melt the fat right off your belly. Doctors and fitness experts agree that it is simply not possible to reduce fat in one specific area, such as men’s abs, without the aid of surgery. While you can target certain areas of your body with exercise, this will only make them stronger – it will not reduce fat.

Many men are confused, thinking that they can remove belly fat through sit-ups, or increase abdominal definition with diet. Professor Peter Lemon, of Kent State University, has studied the link between food and exercise extensively, and regarding the theory of spot fat reduction he says: “It’ll never work. You might improve abdominal strength, but that alone won’t get you the results you want.”

Body Fat Percentage

No matter how strong your abs are, if they’re covered in fat you won’t be able to see them. In reality, many men’s abs aren’t in too bad shape to begin with – they’re just covered in fat! Click here to calculate your approximate body fat percentage…

Dr. Lentz, another fitness expert, says “In most men, fat around the abdominals is the last thing their bodies burn off. Aerobic exercise is what gets your body to start burning it.”

You should start with about 30 minutes, 3 times a week of something like:

  • Power Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Rowing
  • Martial Arts

Long-term Regimen

To reduce fat and build your abs, you need to change your diet and increase your metabolism. A good way to start is by lowering your fat and sugar intake, increasing the amount of protein you consume, and beginning a cardio workout routine. After you have that down, then you should begin a targeted abdominal training exercise program.

Just stick to your diet, perform regular cardio workouts, and keep training those abs. Soon that potbelly will disappear, and you’ll have rock solid abs, too. Click here for the program that helped me finally get abs after years of struggle…

What other myths have you realized? Share your personal views by adding your comments below.


4 Great Diet Tips to Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Exercises such as weight training, stretches, flexes and cardio alone will not get you those six pack abs. To be able to totally get rid of belly fat and unveil that well-sculpted figure, you must also consider a successful diet plan.

If you are only exercising, you will most likely be inclined to eat more. To successfully get rid of belly fat, it is important to also monitor your eating habits. All your hard work will be put in vain if you are still living an unhealthy diet.

Avoiding tempting foods which are bad for your health will take a lot a discipline. Well, it will all be worth it when you get six pack abs in the end. So let me help you by giving the top 4 tips to help you follow a successful diet.

1. Change into a Better lifestyle.

If you want to get rid of belly fat for good and achieve your six pack abs goal, you must commit yourself to change your lifestyle completely. Being a constant beer drinker or a smoker will do you no good.  If you’re someone who loves unlimited French fries with those half-pound cheeseburgers, then, as much as possible, avoid eating these top-greasers.

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid eating your favorite foods. It only means that from now on, you will have to monitor your intake and take things in moderation.  You must learn which types of food will be good for your workout.

2. Remember the Golden Rule in Dieting.

Remember this simple fact: do not consume more than what you put out. This golden rule in any dieting and exercise plan is the most crucial. Balance and maintenance should always be a priority. When you eat more than you exercise, you will not get rid of belly fat. Likewise, if you exercise and not eat at all, you are prone to weakness, dehydration and over exhaustion.  This can also cause other harmful effects on your body like muscle loss.

3. Be your own coach and watch-guard.

Constantly remind yourself of your six pack abs goal. Envision your physique once you achieve your goals. Let this be your personal motivation to continue your endeavor. Don’t forget to also be your own watch-guard.  There are times when your favorite greaser foods or the ice-cold beer will be quite a temptation. Remember balance and moderation along with the right discipline will get you six pack abs.

4. Keep Track of Your Progress.

The key to get rid of belly fat with a successful diet is to keep track of your progress. Even if it’s half an inch off your waist or consuming the planned meal, always write down your progress.

So, to get six pack abs you need a healthy lifestyle, well-balanced diet, self discipline and make a list of your progress. By doing all these 4 tips, you will get rid of belly fat fast and it’s not impossible. A lot of people succeeded already, and so can you!

What diet strategies can you share? Enter your own comments below.