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Almost everyone these days is frustrated with their fat bellies sticking out when they take their shirts off. It’s completely frustrating. Even some people with flat stomachs don’t know how to summons those internal abdominal muscles so that they ripple on the outside.

Vince DelMonte reveals himself as a perceptive fitness guru with the release of his bestselling eBook, No Nonsense 6-Pack – Fat Loss System. His emphasis on self-confidence is frank, open and reliable. He doesn’t care who you are or where on earth you came from. To him, if you want a good physique and ripped abs, the success plan is all in your hands.

Who’s Vince?

For a second, let me first tell you who Vince DelMonte is. Did I mention he’s a world renown prominent fitness coach and author from Canada? That’s right, folks. Vince was the so-called “Skinny Vinny,” but today, he’s a devoted businessman who uses the Internet as his profit engine. He is also a regular contributor to Men’s Health Magazine.

One Thing Learned

I was skeptical at first, but after reading numerous experts’ reviews of Vince’s No Nonsense 6-Pack: Fat Loss System, I just thought to myself, “I’ve got nothing to lose. Buy this product and see what Vince can bring to the table.”

And my inner voice was right. The No Nonsense 6-Pack eBook consists of seven exciting and easy-to-read chapters. Chapter One reveals the fifteen reasons why you won’t get a six-pack. DelMonte remains firm and insightful well into the next two chapters. The intensity continues as he discusses the six-pack cardio plan, six-pack meal plan, six-pack supplement plan and six-pack lifestyle plan in the remaining chapters. Even the finale is well-worth the time it takes to read.

Who Will Benefit?

To tell you the truth, Vince’s life transformation is an inspiration not only for ectomorphs wanting to gain weight, but also for mesomorphs and endomorphs who wants lose unnecessary fat from around their midsections to reveal ripped, gorgeous six-pack abs. The No Nonsense 6-Pack: Fat Loss System sets the standard.

There’s also an array of extra features to delve into with your purchase, including a virtual trainer that redirects you to video demonstrations, a link to a six-pack quest website with articles and innumerable updates every week.

Plus, he gives you a 56-day money-back guarantee. If you download the free trial and are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact Vince DelMonte, and he will automatically give you the full refund within two days.

No Nonsense 6 Pack Review – Will This Vince DelMonte Fat Loss System Work For You?...

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The Good

Like I said in the title, Vince DelMonte provides his readers with vivid and rational insights. The way he highlights the value of consistency and dedication to achieving lean body mass is top-notch. I love the way he integrates his first person storytelling approach to the second person perspective while at the same time narrating the success story of his a particular client, Peter Carvell.

In every chapter of the No Nonsense 6-Pack eBook, he sprinkles a personal tone to create added interest. And yes, it is fun! While reading his stories, ideas and thumbs-up facts, I laugh, wonder and I ponder. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I put it in the good side. Anyway, there’s nothing so wrong if Vince bugs you with several bodybuilding supplements that are expensive. As a matter of fact, he recommends taking them one after another. In his opinion, these supplements only give support and taking them requires a certain degree of responsibility and control.

It’s up to you folks but your focus should be Vince’s three priorities: food, training routine and consistency.

The Bad

I enjoyed the book but there’s just one negative thing about it. I wonder why Vince chooses to use black, red, orange and blue as font colors. Some people might immediately label it as “headache.” I personally would prefer to have the font color consistent. If there are important terms to remember, it would be nice if it were simply bolded or underlined.

Overall, Vince’s experimentation with colors does not detract from the overall substance of the No Nonsense 6-Pack eBook.

My Final Say

Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense 6-Pack: Fat Loss System is an entertaining read and I highly recommend it, but don’t just read it; also learn from it and act on it. Remember folks, the power to make a change is within you. The only person who can transform you is YOU, and you alone. Vince DelMonte is simply the guru. Reading his book is not enough if you keep pulling yourself down. With respect, this eBook clocks eight and a half stars out of ten.

If you have tried the no-nonsense 6 pack yourself, share your own review by leaving your comments below.

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Fat Loss 4 Idiots has received countless of rave reviews from fitness buffs and ordinary folk alike for quite some time now. Very little is known about the creators of this popular diet plan, but that hasn’t stopped consumers from trying it out and recommending it to other desperate individuals who just want to get rid of unwanted fat fast.

If you look at the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan from every angle, you will soon discover how straightforward it is with its presentation and program principles. You will also notice how unbelievably simple the entire program is to follow. By going through this brief Fat Loss 4 Idiots review, you will have a better understanding and appreciation for the program, and learn how effective fat loss can be realistically done in just a matter of days without sacrificing your overall health.

You’ve stumbled upon too many bogus diet plans and misleading fitness program solutions in the past, that’s for sure. With the Internet reaching audiences far beyond TV or print has ever achieved, weeding out the phony from the legit weight loss products just got a little more difficult than it already has been. True enough, in this day and age, it isn’t enough to just take someone’s word for it. However, to really get to know the product and see if it can work for someone like you, sometimes you just feel the need to try it out anyway, throw caution into the wind, and hope for the best that it works this time around.

But like any consumer who just has no more time or money to waste on things that fail to deliver what they promised, you get tired and frustrated. That’s very understandable. Hopefully, after reading this, you won’t have to deal with all that ever again. Fat Loss 4 Idiots could just be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Let’s take a deeper look and see how it compares to other self-proclaimed “best” online fitness solution.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a comprehensive program that you can take advantage of so you can lose at least 9 lbs in just 11 short days. With that premise alone, you’d probably feel a little doubtful, no one can blame you. But after reading numerous testimonials and product reviews online, you might just spark up a little hope in you. It sure has for the countless of people who have used and continue to use the program to help them get into the best shape of their lives.

What sets Fat Loss 4 Idiots apart from other diet plans is that it doesn’t encourage you to binge on any specific kind of food. It doesn’t claim to be just a low-fat or low-carb diet either. Instead, the program makes use of the “shifting calories” theory or calorie cycling while varying food consumption based on what you actually prefer to eat. In fact, it even allows you a certain number of days to eat any kind of food you’ve been craving for provided that you don’t stuff yourself to the point where you feel “full.” Sounds like a good deal to make, doesn’t it?

So how does the program work exactly, you ask? Fat Loss 4 Idiots works in cycles, targeting your metabolism each and every time. It customizes every meal so that you get your daily essential vitamins and nutrients you need, but at the same time, it also induces a high metabolic rate through calorie shifting so you lose unwanted fat fast. Here is a brief overview of what Fat Loss 4 Idiots really entails:

  • There is no calorie-counting
  • Instead of eating only 2-3 meals a day, you get to eat 4 meals that are spaced at every 2.5 hours
  • Eating until you’re satisfied (not “full”) is encouraged
  • Drinking lots of water is encouraged
  • Carbohydrates and proteins are strategically cycled so you’re not deprived of these indispensable macronutrients
  • Exercise through walking is encouraged

Without any complicated math, guesswork, and even meal planning, you’re simply left with things you can do now so fat-loss starts as early as the second you sign up with the program. Doing all these will enable your metabolism to work optimally, steadily, and effectively.

Get your facts straight and learn more about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan. Save yourself the grief of trying other fitness shams. Now, you can truly experience fast and safe fat-loss.

Have you tried other similar diet plans? Share your story through the comment box below.


Men’s Abs – The Truth Behind The Hype

Perfect men’s abs are everywhere – TV, magazines, billboards. Toned, ripped abs are the hallmark of male physical perfection. Our culture has become obsessed with the abdominal region, and while self-improvement is a good thing, unhealthy fixation is not.

Every day, people all across the world head to the gym for hours of crunches to get stellar abs. Go into the fitness section of any bookstore and you’ll see dozens of books promising to reveal the secret of six pack abs.

Do you know what’s real and what’s just hype?

Before you being an abdominal workout routine, here’s the facts:

  1. The only way to “spot reduce” fat is with surgery.
  2. For your abdominal muscles to be seen, your body fat percentage must be less than 10%.
  3. Reducing fat and building or maintaining muscle requires a long-term regimen of diet, cardio, and toning exercise.

The “Spot Reduce” Fat Myth

Some machines, diets, and gimmicks will tell you that it is possible to use their product to melt the fat right off your belly. Doctors and fitness experts agree that it is simply not possible to reduce fat in one specific area, such as men’s abs, without the aid of surgery. While you can target certain areas of your body with exercise, this will only make them stronger – it will not reduce fat.

Many men are confused, thinking that they can remove belly fat through sit-ups, or increase abdominal definition with diet. Professor Peter Lemon, of Kent State University, has studied the link between food and exercise extensively, and regarding the theory of spot fat reduction he says: “It’ll never work. You might improve abdominal strength, but that alone won’t get you the results you want.”

Body Fat Percentage

No matter how strong your abs are, if they’re covered in fat you won’t be able to see them. In reality, many men’s abs aren’t in too bad shape to begin with – they’re just covered in fat! Click here to calculate your approximate body fat percentage…

Dr. Lentz, another fitness expert, says “In most men, fat around the abdominals is the last thing their bodies burn off. Aerobic exercise is what gets your body to start burning it.”

You should start with about 30 minutes, 3 times a week of something like:

  • Power Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Rowing
  • Martial Arts

Long-term Regimen

To reduce fat and build your abs, you need to change your diet and increase your metabolism. A good way to start is by lowering your fat and sugar intake, increasing the amount of protein you consume, and beginning a cardio workout routine. After you have that down, then you should begin a targeted abdominal training exercise program.

Just stick to your diet, perform regular cardio workouts, and keep training those abs. Soon that potbelly will disappear, and you’ll have rock solid abs, too. Click here for the program that helped me finally get abs after years of struggle…

What other myths have you realized? Share your personal views by adding your comments below.


Flat Stomach Diet Secrets, Revealed!

Who else wants a slimmer and toner tummy?  Everyone knows there is no getting around ageing. Picture yourself five years from now, you know it might be impossible to keep your flat belly and slim waist, don’t you? How many times have you been scolding yourself every time you fail to eat healthy or refuse to even take the stairs instead of an elevator?  But suppose you could do a solid commitment, the question is, do flat stomach diet secrets really work?

Let’s face it! I know you’ve been struggling from your unhealthy lifestyle. Gastronomically speaking, this is a time when everything can be enjoyed in a snap – instant coffee, instant noodles, instant meal, etc., in fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Pizza Hut

As you enjoy every bite with gusto, you obliviously take in more than what is necessary and over indulge. You forget that after the feasting pleasure, excessive servings of foods connote calories, weight gain, and bulging belly!

Here is the opportunity for you to uncover guaranteed and risk-free flat stomach diet secrets that can change how you see yourself and give that fabulous physique that you always wanted.

The Trick is to Maintain a Strong Mind Set!

Are you still pining over that T-bone in the fridge? How about those luscious, glimmering fried chicken in the bucket? Come on. Be a vegan for a while. Remember that animal meat has more calories and more chemical compounds that do not only add to your excess belly fat but also cause diseases.

If you’re still not moved, think of your huge body frame with cholesterol, protruding belly and heart problems. Think of the good benefits of herbs and vegetables in your body. For more graphic motivation, try to imitate the pose of the reed-thin model in Vogue magazine chewing on carrot stick with style. See, this simple flat stomach diet secret can make you look like her. OK, let’s proceed.

Healthy Fats, Protein and Carbs Combo!

You may have already heard that eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day is one of the proven steps to flatten the belly. Now, you might be thinking, “what should I eat”? It surprises me how most people starve themselves to death or stick to eating salads all day long. You don’t have to suffer, okay? There are tons of delicious low-calorie, low-carb recipes you can actually follow.

Keep in mind that you must include healthy fats such as olive oil, walnuts, natural peanut butter, almonds, etc. to your diet. Do you also need to include protein-rich foods? Yes, definitely! Protein aids in rebuilding the muscles after your workout.

Now listen closely! Complex carbohydrates are a must-have in your diet because these are your body’s primary source of energy. A list of flat stomach diet secrets includes good carbs which are also high in fiber. Some great examples of complex carbs are cereals, whole grain breads, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, low-fat yogurt, muesli, fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a secret, what you should avoid are simple carbohydrates such as cake, ice cream (fat-free or not), pasta and bread made with white flour, beer, wine, table sugar, corn syrup, candy, etc. Why? Here’s a fact for you, according to World Health Organization (WHO), sugars and other simple carbs are the leading cause of obesity epidemic worldwide. Think about this, belly fat is nothing as compared to an obese body.  Saying “NO!” to excess sugar is easier said than done, but you’ve got to do this to get a flat stomach.

Hydrate Yourself!

You probably know that drinking lots of water offers several benefits. Forget about unnecessary nibbling in between meals. FACT! Apart from flushing your system of dreadful toxins, drinking 8-12 glasses daily can make you stay fuller longer! If you are seriously committed to this diet, you’ve got to say no to soda and sugary drinks. Avoid extra sugar!

This list of easy-to-do flat stomach diet secrets opens an opportunity to change your lifestyle and to feel better about your own skin. I can’t wait till you try this strategy! You know what, don’t believe me, believe yourself!

Have the same strategies worked for you? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


4 Things to Remember When Eating For a Flat Stomach

Constantly exercising your abdominals will never be enough if you do not pay attention to what you eat. Yes, your diet plays an undeniably big role in building and defining muscle. When you’re eating for a flat stomach, you have to be aware of the kinds of food that will aid you in your objective.

1) Eat After You Workout

Including a highly nutritious diet in your abs training program will only reinforce the hard work you put in to burning fat and building abdominal muscles. Eat a full healthy meal when your muscles are in their best absorbing state, and that’s immediately after your workout. In doing so, your muscles will be able to absorb the nutrients you’ve just eaten while they’re still on hyper-drive.

2) Know the Importance of a Protein-rich Diet

Protein is the main macronutrient responsible for building muscle. Remember to add in an ample amount of protein in every meal, especially after your workout.

Eating for a flat stomach does involve all three important macronutrients – carbohydrates, good fats, and, more importantly, protein. Contrary to what other fad diets claim, leaving one out is not the best way to achieve a fit body.

3) Cut Out Excess Fat

Protein isn’t the only thing you need to focus on. Including good fats in your diet is just as important. Differentiating the good kind of fats from the bad ones is the key to a highly nutritious diet.

When you’re eating for a flat stomach, you clearly have to stay away from fatty foods like potato chips, fast food, and variants of deep-fried foods. Believe me when I tell you that you WILL survive without them. By eliminating bad fats in your diet, your ab workout wouldn’t have been done in vain.

Cutting out excessively fat food will need a lot of discipline, especially if you’re so used to eating them. But it is the easiest, most basic thing you can do to improve your diet. Just remember that food items high in fat and bad cholesterol are the biggest hurdles to a flat, sexy stomach.

4) Stick to a Regular Exercise Routine

It is a fact that you won’t get results fast if you do not exercise. When I say “exercise,” I mean the intense, heart-racing kind. Combining cardiovascular exercises with a healthy diet and a healthy mindset will provide a total fitness regimen that can only get you to your goal fast.

Healthy eating for a flat stomach is necessary to achieve the body of your dreams. Follow these simple tips and you can say goodbye to belly fat for GOOD.

Create your 5th tip to eat for a flat stomach. Share your personal views below.