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How to Get Sexy Abs – Use Side Stomach Crunches

Side stomach crunches unfamiliar to you? Have you decided that it’s finally time for you to get on top of things, and start developing your abs into the muscle packs that you have always wanted? It’s certainly a noble goal, and there is nothing to keep you from achieving it. There are many ways to develop flat and muscular abs, and some work better than others.

One of my favorite exercises for the abs is the stomach crunch and side stomach crunch. It doesn’t require any workout equipment or trips to the gym, but if you stick with it for any extended period of time, you’re sure to make the desired improvements.

You’ve most likely seen the stomach crunch performed before. All it takes is lying on your back with your hands behind your head, then curling at the stomach and bringing your face and elbows upward. Essentially you are crunching your abs together.

After you have performed your amount of initial stomach crunches, you should do side stomach crunches to effectively hit not only the front of your stomach muscles, but both sides as well. Instead of pushing your elbows straight forward, you will rotate to one side as you lift off of the ground, and put more emphasis onto that cluster of muscles.

This exercise is so simple, yet is the most fundamental ab movement, and therefore extremely effective. The movement of contraction then expansion will rip your muscles to shreds (which, remember, is a good thing) and leave you feeling extremely sore. And with the side stomach crunches thrown in to boot, your ab muscles will be screaming.

The effective number of reps depends on your personal shape and goals. Do you want to go from chubby to lean and mean in just a few months? Well, you had better do crunches until you are physically incapable of doing them any more. Repeat this every day, and you will see maximum results.

But if your goals are a little less extreme and you just want to tighten up the stomach area, you can get by with slightly less rigorous amounts of ab exercises. If you do 50 normal crunches and 50 side stomach crunches, you won’t be off to too bad of a start.

If you want to really improve your abs quickly through stomach crunches and side stomach crunches, then it all depends on finding what a comfortable amount is for you, while still pushing yourself closer and closer to your personal upper limit.

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There is no Single Easiest Way to Work Abs

The crunch is probably the most vital core exercise in an abdominal workout. This is also one of the easiest ways to work abs. The problem is it often is performed incorrectly, which causes pain, strain, and avoidance.

One of the most important things to remember about crunches is that any work your neck is doing is work that your abs is not. The purpose of crunches is to work out your abs, not your neck. You need to be sure that you are letting your abdominal muscles do the work for you and not relying on other muscles or momentum.

In addition to the pain involved in crunches, many people give up on these because they do not see immediate results. If you want visible results for your exercise efforts then the easiest way to work abs is by focusing on your obliques. Oblique crunches are popular for achieving this and will provide dramatic results that others will notice.

An oblique crunch is a traditional crunch with a twist, literally. These may not exactly be the easiest way to work abs, but they do provide the easiest results for your efforts. I consider easy by the amount of effort necessary for the same amount of results and these are by far the most effective abdominal exercises.

If you are one who seriously opposes crunches as the easiest way to work abs, then there are a few alternatives you may find interesting. There is a method of exercising known as the they Matthew’s Method, which includes absolutely no crunches or sit ups. The thing to remember is that you should feel some strain when doing these exercises or you aren’t doing them correctly.

These are not the easiest way to work abs, but they do provide an excellent workout and they deliver results when done correctly. Some of the common Mathew’s Method exercises include: The Oblique Bug, The Oblique Squeeze, The Superman Sling (this is a great exercise for the lower back), The Frog, and The Twisted Frog.

The important thing to remember about all abdominal exercises is that there isn’t one easiest way to work abs. You must find the one that is easiest for you. We all have different issues to address in our workouts. These exercises are a great place to start and use trial and error to find the ones that work best for your particular needs and goals.


Powerful Ways How to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Have you ever purchased costly belly-trimming equipment because of its tempting ad? How many times have you been tiring yourself out doing hundreds of leg raises along with crunches and sit-ups thinking it is the ultimate fix on how to lose lower belly fat? It could take you years, but just between you and me, don’t be fooled by tons of deceitful fitness myths out there. Now, if you’ve ever thought about going under the knife or spend thousands of dollars to lose excess belly fat, well you don’t want to miss this article!

There is nothing wrong with a cry of desperation because you’ve done almost everything and nothing works!  You might be thinking this article is all about liposuction, but no, it’s not. If you have thought about breaking the bank, exhausting all your resources to resolve your tummy issue, I’m here to stop you. Focus here, strange but true—people usually overlook the simplest solution when resolving their problem.

In this case, the unfussy way to get that fabulous, flat lower belly only requires knowledge and discipline. Did you know that creating a calorie deficit and forcing the body to use these stored fat as a source of energy are the key secrets how to lose lower belly fat? Sounds surprisingly simple, isn’t it?

The further on you read, you’ll begin to understand how to create a calorie deficit and the hassle-free workout that can guarantee visible results. Remember, instant results are short-lived, what you truly need is a long-standing fitness and better physique.

First of all, let me just tell you about what you’re doing wrong. Most people think spot reduction is the answer to lower belly fat. Spot reduction is a myth and it has been disproven several years ago. Doing endless reps of abdominal exercises has no effect when it comes to making the abdominal muscles more visible if there is a significant amount of fat covering this area.

The First Way to Create a Calorie Deficit— Diet

OK, let’s begin. Diet is the easiest way to create a calorie deficit. Forget about extreme diet, this no-nonsense advice simply means to eat less than what your body requires. Let me show you. For example, a 120 pound woman needs about 1200 calories a day in order to maintain her weight. In order to lose weight, she needs to cut about 300-400 calories a day. In this way, the body is forced to use stored fat as a source of energy.

Powerful Ways How to Lose Lower Belly Fat

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Diet is very important because even if you exercise several hours a day but you eat more calories than you need, you will not lose weight, in fact you might even gain weight. A proper diet is surely one of the best ways of how to lose lower belly fat.

The Second Way to Create a Calorie Deficit: Exercise

Now, let’s talk about exercise. If you wish to lose the extra flab in your belly in a short amount of time, exercising is the simple and healthy solution. To put it briefly, cardiovascular exercise and weight training are both important in terms of exercising; in fact these are the best exercises on how to lose lower belly fat.

Cardiovascular exercise burns the most calories in a short time period. Weight training is also important, in fact, many studies have already proven that that metabolism increases up to 48 hours after a weight training workout. For best results, you can also do a combination of the two types of exercise.

Power up Your Abs with Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises should be included in the exercise program in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles as these are central for different body movements. Just keep in mind that hundreds of crunches or leg raises won’t help you lose belly fat faster.

Surely, people love instant results, but remember, your belly fat didn’t accumulate in a couple of weeks so don’t expect it to disappear in a couple of weeks either. In other words, be patient when it comes to weight loss because even the best ways of how to lose lower belly fat will not give you visible results in a short amount of time.

Have you discovered other means to lose lower belly fat? Add your tips by sharing them using the comment section.


Fussing over the real deal about diet soda? Diet soda weight gain sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Everyone knows that when you are on low-calorie, fat-free diet, a regular soda just isn’t an option. But with a diet soda, this rule is bent a little bit. After all, “diet” beverages existed for a reason, right?

Indeed, with this in mind, it gives you the pleasure to eat burger and fries, instead of burger alone. Come on, low calorie soda means additional food is okay to offset the calorie intake! Drinking a diet soda lets you do a fantastic job while you are on weight reduction mission. Ah, life is good because you still get to enjoy this cold and bubbly drink even on a diet! Well, you better think twice because is exactly why diet soda weight gain occurs.

Diet Soda’s Dirty Little Secret

A diet soda is not the “weight-busting soda” you think it is. Let’s face it. It is an unnatural beverage packed with even more artificial ingredients! Here’s a fact for you. Previous research suggests that our brain is wired to anticipate a large amount of calories when eating fatty or sweet foods. But because diet foods, including diet soda fail to manifest this, it lobs the brain out of whack.

It appears this disconnection between taste of artificial sweeteners and low calories results to diet soda weight gain as the body stores calories as fat. Now, how can you say this “wonder” drink gives more healthy benefits to the body than a regular soda? Love-hate relationship with diet soda begins to stir your mind again? It should.

Nothing but Pure Facts!

A diet soda associated with weight gain? Mind boggling, isn’t it? Listen to this. Epidemiological research has supported diet soda weight gain connection in 2005. Let’s face another harsh reality that people usually start drinking diet soda when they feel they are starting to gain weight. However, a research study by the University of Texas Health Science Center has shown that with every diet soda a person consumes, there is a 41% possibility of becoming obese over the next 7-8 years. Can you imagine yourself gulping 3-4 cans of diet soda a day, thinking this is harmless?

In addition to this, recent data presented at the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions also suggest that drinking diet beverages may actually lead to weight gain. Yes, it is associated with a wider waist and flabby belly! As you probably know, excess weight especially belly fat is a risk factor to variety of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. Moreover, common calorie-free artificial sweetener, particularly aspartame, could potentially contribute to Type 2 diabetes.

Want more proof? You don’t want to miss this one!  Did you know that a new study conducted by UK researchers proved that sweet, sugary drinks can dull taste buds, causing you to crave sweet foodstuff twice as much? Diet soda weight gain phenomenon does happen. Evidently, diet soda is not a silver bullet to weight reduction, and it is definitely not a health drink. A word of caution! Turning a blind eye to this fact won’t do you any good so better feed your mind with accurate information.

Healthier Choices Abound

You know, a diet soda has zero calories but it doesn’t mean you are spared from the consequences. People overate “diet”, “fat-free” and “calorie-free” products, thinking consuming limitless quantity won’t do any damage. Listen. Any diet product won’t really help you melt away excess pounds if you’re getting too many calories from other sources.

So how about taking control of your health? Don’t you think it’s time to switch to water? To put it briefly, diet soda weight gain phenomenon can be avoided by knowing the healthier choices. Jumpstart your day with a cup of green, herbal, oolong tea with a little of the herbal sweetener stevia! Keep in mind to drink 8 glasses of water throughout day. Have you tried adding a squirt of cranberry juice or lemon to your water to enhance the taste?  For variety, sparkling water is also a good choice. If you can save diet soda as a special treat, do it!

How about you? What’s your diet soda experience? Share it with us by entering your comments below!


How to get six pack abs quick?” I’ve been asked this question many times before. There was even a time when I asked others the same thing. This is where the Progression Principle comes to play.

The Progression Principle

In John Alvino’s e-book, “How to Get Ripped Abs,” he defines progression principle as ‘a gradual increase of pressure you need to add to your body each time you workout.’ At first, you might think it’s just one of those fad fitness concepts. So, you stick to what you know (or what feels familiar); you end up doing almost the same reps and sets every time you workout.

That’s not how you get six pack abs quick, believe me.

John Alvino’s concept to consistent progression is an eye-opener. To get ripped, you need to be consistent AND push your training to the next level. Athletes and fitness gurus would strongly agree with this, I’d imagine.

Consistent Progression

When you consistently do the same things all over again, you find yourself at a plateau; you neither progress nor regress. It would be very difficult to achieve easy six pack abs that way.

When it comes to an effective workout for six pack abs, we need to challenge ourselves to perform better every time. It’s just like what John Alvino said in his e-book, there are a variety of ways to increase our drive for every exercise we do:

  • Increase resistance. You can very well increase the weight of your load or change the angle of your bodyweight exercise.
  • Increase the number of reps. Gradually add on to exercise reps as time goes by. Not only will you feel your muscles are working hard, but you will also see results in no time.
  • Density of the workout. How to get six pack abs quick with this technique? Let’s say you used to run 5 Km in 3 hours. Try finishing the same distance in 2.5 hours or less. This is also an effective technique for fat-loss conditioning.
  • Quality of workout. A high-quality workout is very important in bodybuilding. Keep your routine fast-paced, but remember to do each exercise correctly.

If you’re having a tough time performing certain training techniques, think of ways on how you can apply some variations of each technique.

Pick up a copy of John Alvino’s e-book to find out more about the progression principle. Go beyond that and check what other resources are available online. You might just learn more on how to get six pack abs quick.

Does progression principle make sense for you? Share your opinions below.