stRanGe but common FAT habit

Shortly after I graduated from college, I worked for a big engineering company…

While there, I discovered that my boss had one of the strangest habits.

He rarely ate real food during the day…

Every now and then, I might see him eat a small salad.

But mostly he…

Drank diet Coke. All day. Every day!

Finally, I asked him…

“Do you actually EAT during the day?”

“Not really…I just drink these”, pointing to an open can of Diet Coke.

“How many of those do you drink a day?”

“About 8 to 12 cans”

“12 cans a day?!!” I was floored…

Not just at the amount of DIET Cokes he guzzled down in a day…

But here’s the funny part: my boss was STILL chubby as heck!

In fact, it seemed like he was actually GAINing weight!

I thought, “WTF!” (couldn’t say it out loud, he was my boss!)

How can you GAIN weight when you’re eating almost no calories?

It was then that…

I discovered two of the biggest myths to losing weight:

1) reducing your daily calorie count to almost nothing (starving) will  make you MORE fat!

2) drinking so-called “diet” or other artificially sweetened drinks will NOT save you from the fat-inducing effects of sugar.

In fact, many studies are finding that people consuming artificially sweetened products are actually MORE fat than people who just ate the regular sugar.

Over the years since I’ve stopped working for that company, I have discovered many, many myths about what it takes to eat for lean abs.

Way too many to list here.

But if you’re not getting the lean-body results you’re looking for or you want to accelerate your results…

Jump into the fast lane and discover the diet SOLUTION: the eating strategy that makes fat-burning automatic…even while you enjoy REAL food…not rice cakes and low-fat air crackers!

Or if you want a simple eating plan that makes it quick and easy to
melt the cheese-wiz off your belly.

All the best,

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