How to Get Six Pack Abs Quick Through Progression Principles

How to get six pack abs quick?” I’ve been asked this question many times before. There was even a time when I asked others the same thing. This is where the Progression Principle comes to play.

The Progression Principle

In John Alvino’s e-book, “How to Get Ripped Abs,” he defines progression principle as ‘a gradual increase of pressure you need to add to your body each time you workout.’ At first, you might think it’s just one of those fad fitness concepts. So, you stick to what you know (or what feels familiar); you end up doing almost the same reps and sets every time you workout.

That’s not how you get six pack abs quick, believe me.

John Alvino’s concept to consistent progression is an eye-opener. To get ripped, you need to be consistent AND push your training to the next level. Athletes and fitness gurus would strongly agree with this, I’d imagine.

Consistent Progression

When you consistently do the same things all over again, you find yourself at a plateau; you neither progress nor regress. It would be very difficult to achieve easy six pack abs that way.

When it comes to an effective workout for six pack abs, we need to challenge ourselves to perform better every time. It’s just like what John Alvino said in his e-book, there are a variety of ways to increase our drive for every exercise we do:

  • Increase resistance. You can very well increase the weight of your load or change the angle of your bodyweight exercise.
  • Increase the number of reps. Gradually add on to exercise reps as time goes by. Not only will you feel your muscles are working hard, but you will also see results in no time.
  • Density of the workout. How to get six pack abs quick with this technique? Let’s say you used to run 5 Km in 3 hours. Try finishing the same distance in 2.5 hours or less. This is also an effective technique for fat-loss conditioning.
  • Quality of workout. A high-quality workout is very important in bodybuilding. Keep your routine fast-paced, but remember to do each exercise correctly.

If you’re having a tough time performing certain training techniques, think of ways on how you can apply some variations of each technique.

Pick up a copy of John Alvino’s e-book to find out more about the progression principle. Go beyond that and check what other resources are available online. You might just learn more on how to get six pack abs quick.

Does progression principle make sense for you? Share your opinions below.

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