How to do Front Squat

If you want explosive leg power, front squats would be the leading bodybuilder workout to do. Front squats are highly intense exercises primarily for your quadriceps. They also provide superior training for your lower body, including lower back, glutes, hip flexors, calves, hamstrings.

However, many people stay away from doing front squats due to its high level of difficulty. Aside from getting the technique right, the barbells are placed in front of your shoulders, further increasing the challenge. But in order not to be discouraged and not lose out on the benefits of this tremendously powerful exercise, you could start with weights that are lighter and then gradually increase from there.

Moreover, the barbell placed in front of you may actually work to your advantage by forcing your upper body to stay upright, preventing any undue stress on your back.

Fronts squats may be tough to do but as you can see from those who regularly include this in their six pack abs exercises, this difficulty is for very good reasons. The benefits you gain for your quads do so much more than other regular exercises.

Before you start on it, watch the video to doing this exercise with more precision and accuracy.



  1. Set up a barbell with your desired weight and rest it carefully on top of your shoulders and under your chin.
  2. Cross your arms in front of you to secure the bar in place. Keep your arms and the bar parallel to the floor.


  1. Squat down as you would when you’re about to sit on a chair, with feet at shoulder width.
  2. Stop as soon as your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that as you look down, your knees don’t bend over the tip of your toes. Also, keep your back flat and shoulders level to the floor.


Carefully lift the weight back up and assume your original position.

Any other ways you would do a front squat? Tell us how by adding your own suggestions below.

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