How to do Incline Push Ups


If you are looking for a workout that focuses on strengthening your chest, incline push ups is one good option. As you may know, performing push ups in general is one of the most highly effective trainings used in developing your upper body, providing your chest with maximum conditioning. No wonder this is commonly used in boot camps and by professional athletes as a way of stretching their endurance and keeping their torso in tip top shape.

Apart from targeting your chest, incline push ups works out your triceps and glutes. Even without the use of weights, the movements required of incline push ups help build muscle mass and with increasing frequency, you can incorporate this as one of your main workouts to develop sexy washboard abs.

Since this particular type of push ups is also performed in an inclined position instead of flat on the floor, they also add pressure on your calves and hamstrings as well.

Incline push ups are a great way to go that build your upper and lower body in a single movement. And because they do not require any type of fancy equipment nor additional weights, they can be easily done at the comforts of your own home.



  1. Stand behind an exercise bench, a stack of exercise steps, or elevated platform.
  2. Kneel and lower your chest down so that it barely touches the edge of the bench.
  3. Place both hands on the bench, palms down, shoulder width apart.
  4. Push your feet backward so that your back and legs are straight and only your toes are touching the floor.


Push up toward the ceiling and lift your chest off the bench.


Lower your chest back down to the edge of the bench while keeping your back and legs as straight as possible.


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