he’s too sekxy for his fat

Just finished watching one of my favorite episodes of “Family Guy”…

It’s the “He’s Too Sekxy for His Fat” episode (rerun).

The one where Peter (the fat and jolly main character) gets liposuction.

He even gets a new butt because he said “the old one had a crack in it”. haha

He becomes so beautiful that he joins the “Beautiful People’s Club” (this actually exist, BTW).He soon discovers an entirely new

…where everything and everyone caters to him simply because he’s beautiful.

Soon, he becomes obnoxious to his family and a total jerk to his friends.

And in typical “Family Guy” LOL irony, Peter finds himself falling into a big vat of lard.

His “eat everything in sight” instincts take over and he eats through the lard and winds up in a hospital- fat as ever!

This got me thinking about all the tricks and shortcuts many of us try to get lean abs (and believe me I’ve tried many of them; nothing medical).


The truth is, there are no long-term shortcuts to getting lean abs.

In fact, short-cuts are at best minimally effective (in the short-term) and at worst, downright DANGEROUS!

Why not get results using real science and methods that have been proven by hundreds of thousands of folks around the world?

The benefits?

– Long-term success

– Healthy body

– FAR less cost

– Great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment

Bring out your beautiful person by having a healthy, LEAN body.

Why not start today?

All the best,

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What other reasons have you realized to avoid taking short cuts? Let us know by adding your thoughts below.

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