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Almost everyone these days is frustrated with their fat bellies sticking out when they take their shirts off. It’s completely frustrating. Even some people with flat stomachs don’t know how to summons those internal abdominal muscles so that they ripple on the outside.

Vince DelMonte reveals himself as a perceptive fitness guru with the release of his bestselling eBook, No Nonsense 6-Pack – Fat Loss System. His emphasis on self-confidence is frank, open and reliable. He doesn’t care who you are or where on earth you came from. To him, if you want a good physique and ripped abs, the success plan is all in your hands.

Who’s Vince?

For a second, let me first tell you who Vince DelMonte is. Did I mention he’s a world renown prominent fitness coach and author from Canada? That’s right, folks. Vince was the so-called “Skinny Vinny,” but today, he’s a devoted businessman who uses the Internet as his profit engine. He is also a regular contributor to Men’s Health Magazine.

One Thing Learned

I was skeptical at first, but after reading numerous experts’ reviews of Vince’s No Nonsense 6-Pack: Fat Loss System, I just thought to myself, “I’ve got nothing to lose. Buy this product and see what Vince can bring to the table.”

And my inner voice was right. The No Nonsense 6-Pack eBook consists of seven exciting and easy-to-read chapters. Chapter One reveals the fifteen reasons why you won’t get a six-pack. DelMonte remains firm and insightful well into the next two chapters. The intensity continues as he discusses the six-pack cardio plan, six-pack meal plan, six-pack supplement plan and six-pack lifestyle plan in the remaining chapters. Even the finale is well-worth the time it takes to read.

Who Will Benefit?

To tell you the truth, Vince’s life transformation is an inspiration not only for ectomorphs wanting to gain weight, but also for mesomorphs and endomorphs who wants lose unnecessary fat from around their midsections to reveal ripped, gorgeous six-pack abs. The No Nonsense 6-Pack: Fat Loss System sets the standard.

There’s also an array of extra features to delve into with your purchase, including a virtual trainer that redirects you to video demonstrations, a link to a six-pack quest website with articles and innumerable updates every week.

Plus, he gives you a 56-day money-back guarantee. If you download the free trial and are not satisfied for any reason, simply contact Vince DelMonte, and he will automatically give you the full refund within two days.

The Good

Like I said in the title, Vince DelMonte provides his readers with vivid and rational insights. The way he highlights the value of consistency and dedication to achieving lean body mass is top-notch. I love the way he integrates his first person storytelling approach to the second person perspective while at the same time narrating the success story of his a particular client, Peter Carvell.

In every chapter of the No Nonsense 6-Pack eBook, he sprinkles a personal tone to create added interest. And yes, it is fun! While reading his stories, ideas and thumbs-up facts, I laugh, wonder and I ponder. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing but I put it in the good side. Anyway, there’s nothing so wrong if Vince bugs you with several bodybuilding supplements that are expensive. As a matter of fact, he recommends taking them one after another. In his opinion, these supplements only give support and taking them requires a certain degree of responsibility and control.

It’s up to you folks but your focus should be Vince’s three priorities: food, training routine and consistency.

The Bad

I enjoyed the book but there’s just one negative thing about it. I wonder why Vince chooses to use black, red, orange and blue as font colors. Some people might immediately label it as “headache.” I personally would prefer to have the font color consistent. If there are important terms to remember, it would be nice if it were simply bolded or underlined.

Overall, Vince’s experimentation with colors does not detract from the overall substance of the No Nonsense 6-Pack eBook.

My Final Say

Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense 6-Pack: Fat Loss System is an entertaining read and I highly recommend it, but don’t just read it; also learn from it and act on it. Remember folks, the power to make a change is within you. The only person who can transform you is YOU, and you alone. Vince DelMonte is simply the guru. Reading his book is not enough if you keep pulling yourself down. With respect, this eBook clocks eight and a half stars out of ten.

If you have tried the no-nonsense 6 pack yourself, share your own review by leaving your comments below.

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