How to do Barbell Push Sit-ups

To help build a strong core, barbell push sit-ups are designed to bring greater resistance for your abs. By working out on the inclined bench and at the same time using weights, these put added intensity to your workout, making it an effective abs training to tighten those abdominal muscles.

As you lift your torso while pushing the barbells upward, regularly doing barbell push sit-ups also serves to strengthen and broaden your upper body, mainly your shoulders, triceps and chest.

A key to targeting these muscles correctly is to perform this workout gradually and in correct form. Ensure that as you execute barbell push sit-ups, your lower back is secured in place lest you run the risk of injuring your back. This workout is more of an abs exercise more than anything else and should not involve your hips.

Another strategy to make full use of its benefits is to attempt to have your upper body move as high and then as low as possible in order to fully work out your muscle fiber. You may start with lighter weights to make this easier then gradually increase difficulty by adding weights as you go along.

Include barbell push sit-ups in your training routine and see those abs muscles grow while the belly fat goes away.



  1. Place your exercise bar or barbell next to the inclined bench.
  2. Lie flat on thebench and hook both your feet underneath the foot pad.
  3. Reach out for the barbell and hold it up directly above you with both arms, shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Use overhand grips and keep your arms straight at all times.



  1. Raise your torso off the inclined bench until your upper body is almost at a 90degree angle with the floor.
  2. Simultaneously push the barbell closer to the ceiling while keeping all the weight above your shoulders.
  3. Keep lower back and thighs stationary at all times.


Slowly go back down to your original position.


Do you have other strategies to make barbell push-up’s easier? Send them by leaving your comments below.

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