Fat Belly Exercise Program – 3 Top Guidelines

Although you already started your abs workout, I bet you still search for the best technique in getting ripped abs faster.  Knowing the right fat belly exercise is not enough.  You also need to know how to do it with proper consistency.

Many people would go about training without even knowing the correct way to do it.  When I say the “correct way”, it is about the proper intensity, duration and frequency of the workout.

This is important if you want to get ripped abs sooner.  This can also help guarantee your safety when doing your workouts.  Here are the key pointers you must follow to get the best results out of your abs workout in most effective and safe way:

1. Training Intensity

The idea of training to failure can mislead a lot of people.  Training to failure means doing as much reps as you can do until you reach your limit physically.  In some instances, pushing yourself to the limits is good.  However, it is not good for fat belly exercise.

To achieve the right intensity, you must do each of your workout exercise with perfect form in the prescribed repetitions.  Just select the right resistance training with appropriate difficulty that you can do with perfection.

The only time you can consider exceeding your physical limitations is during the last week of your training phase.

2. Training Frequency

Training frequency is your workout schedule.  How many times do you workout per week?  Some people workout every day, believing that this will help them build ripped abs.  Little do they know that by doing so, they take the risk of overtraining and psychological burnout.

Doing your abs workout weekly, on 3 non-consecutive days, will get you the proper consistency.  For example, you can do your fat belly exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In John Alvino’s How to Get Ripped Abs, he mentioned that doing different exercise for each training phase can also reduce the risk of overtraining.

3. Training Duration

Training duration is the amount of time you consume doing your workout.  A long duration workout has many disadvantages.  One of these is dropping of testosterone level accompanied with increase in cortisol levels. This means that you can experience muscle breakdown.

Working out continuously for more than 60 minutes will reduce your ability to recover as well as your mental focus.  Imagine doing a heavy workout for 2 hours. It is tiring enough to think about it.

The main goal of fat belly exercise is to build muscles while losing all the unnecessary fat all over our body.  You want to do it with maximal efficiency and effort.  To achieve that, you want to perform our abs workout within 30 minutes up to 60 minutes maximum.

If you follow these guidelines, you make the most out of your fat belly exercise while keeping your muscles and mind healthy.  Nothing’s better than having a perfectly toned body through the safest and most effective method.

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