How Mike Geary Helped Thousands Get Washboard Abs with Truth About Abs

Mike Geary. I remember the first time I came across his name. I stumbled upon some random online radio show or podcast one day where he was being interviewed, and he made some pretty good points about exercise myths, misconceptions on diet and nutrition, and losing weight in general.

That’s when it all really started for me. With his ingenious Truth About Abs program, I was able to shed off over 40 lbs. of fat and build serious muscle I could’ve only dreamed of.

More than a quarter of a million Truth About Abs users from around the world have had similar, if not more, success. A recent acquaintance who came all the way from New Zealand has been using the Truth About Abs program for almost a year now, and much thanks to Mike Geary, she claims she’s never looked so good (or felt as healthy) before.

Curiosity has definitely pushed me to try it out. But for most, it’s frustration and desperation. With Truth About Abs, we’ve found a long-lasting solution to our weight, self-image, and confidence issues, and I see no reason why it can’t work for you.

We all know that experience is truly the best teacher. For the Truth About Abs author, that undeniably is the case. With everything he’s done and written through the course of his career as a fitness and nutrition expert, including but not limited to the ebook, I could only imagine how many more valuable insider health tips Mike Geary has to share with all of us.

With an ongoing hit ski program, 2 bestselling ebooks which he authored and co-authored, and a successful series of newsletters under his belt, his authority in the world of fitness is truly indisputable. He has managed to tear down boundaries and reach audiences with all sorts of backgrounds if only to help all of us get in the best shape of our lives.

The Truth About Abs is a continuous enriching experience. With all the supplemental information and bonus materials that are included in the program, you can be sure to pick up a new thing or two along the way; whether it’s an intense workout strategy you can incorporate into your existing exercise program or a new fat-burning recipe that’s both effective and delicious.

Mike Geary surely has many tricks, or should I say truths, up his sleeve, and I know I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of them. I think you shouldn’t either. Learn more about how the Truth About Abs and how it can change your life today!

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Truth About Abs – The Online Diet and Fitness Phenomenon That’s Sweeping The Nation…And The World

The Truth About Abs Program has been in existence for quite some time now. It also happens to be the No. 1 rated online abs program today (as ranked by, with close to 300,000 readers from over 150 countries worldwide. Despite the emergence of countless miracle pills, quick fix supplements, and sketchy weight loss programs available virtually everywhere, you come to realize the real benefits of a more lasting, more dependable, and highly credible source of fitness and diet information. True enough, you get all that from the tried and tested Truth About Abs Program. In this Truth About Abs review, you’ll definitely discover what makes it a cut above the rest.

Both men and women of all ages, from the United States and all around the world, have successfully burned massive amounts of excess fat and developed serious six pack abs by just sticking to the Truth About Abs Program. Even today, you will come across an overabundance of positive reviews, raving comments, and actual life-changing success stories about the program – a true testament of Mike Geary’s brutally candid and effective stamp of success in the digital age.

Backed by hard scientific research and many years of experience as a certified fitness trainer and certified nutrition expert, Mike Geary has truly come up with a one-stop, all-inclusive, easy to use, and very results-oriented system that has transformed and vastly improved the lives of many. He has over 1,300 published articles under his belt, and has also penned the latest best-selling nutrition program – The Fat Burning Kitchen: Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine. Not only is he a well-respected, accomplished figure in his field, but he also showed great promise as an academic achiever. He graduated from Susquehanna University with a Bachelors of Science degree.

He takes much pride in his constant thirst for knowledge and improvement. With every copy of his successful ebook sold, his commendable principles are passed on to each and every one of his clients. That probably is the main reason why his ebook has been such a hit all these years.

All throughout the ebook, you will discover revolutionary and out-of-the box techniques on how to effectively carry out both abs and full body workouts. Moreover, it includes very detailed chapters on the real deal with proper nutrition, including revealing truths about certain kinds of foods and valuable diet tips that will change the way you view food forever.

To summarize, the Truth About Abs Program was created to put an end to yoyo dieting and clueless, unfruitful, and baseless fitness routines. With this fitness program, you will be much equipped with the know-how and the best strategies to lose unattractive body fat, build muscle, and maintain the best figure you’ve had in years.

You can get more information on the Truth About Abs Program and download the ebook here:

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Truth About Abs Review


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We’ve all been burned and left dry by blind faith and poor choices that it’s really hard to trust anything anymore nowadays. The buzz that surrounds the Truth About Abs Program is making so much noise that it’s really hard to tell if it’s a scam or not. You’ve got countless reviews making unbelievable, almost too good to be true claims paired with customer testimonials that praise it like it’s completely fault-free.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this saying before – “When certain things seem too good to be true, they probably are.” I’m here today to help you make up your mind and, quite frankly, my own, about the validity of this program. I really want to get to the bottom of this issue, and I know you do, too.

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Let me try to break it all down for you.

It’s undeniable that the author of this controversial program is a well-known name in his field, probably because he’s accomplished so much already in a relatively short period of time. He’s had articles published in various distinguished health and fitness magazines, and his following continues to grow exponentially. Makes you think – he has to be doing SOMETHING right, wouldn’t you say?

The Truth About Abs also happens to be rated by as the best online abs program. This does set it apart from other exercise fads and hyped up training systems. But can we simply take their word for it and bite the apple anyway? This brings us the biggest question at hand…

Does the Truth About Abs Program really work?

Mike Geary’s own personal success story probably delivers the best proof that the program does work. The program worked for him; that isn’t surprising at all. The question is, will it work for countless others who are desperate to lose weight and build serious muscle that’s for keeps?

Testimonials are a great basis for information and, ultimately, decision. However, if you don’t know the people behind each one personally, it’s hard to tell if they’re fictional characters or real people at all. I find it very helpful to join discussion boards or forums where existing and potential users feed off from each other’s experiences or input. If you’re lucky, you might even come across personal video or blog journals of users who chronicle their experience with the product. Sometimes it really does help to see results happen right before our eyes before we buy into the idea.

What’s the verdict?

If you’re looking for a pill or an effortless solution that will simply melt the fat and miraculously pop in the muscles in a snap of a finger, then the Truth About Abs probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

But if you’re truly in it for refreshing, long-lasting results, and you really want to discover the truth about six pack abs and how to get them, then you might just find this program as something that’s worth your time and money.

Sure, it might not work for everyone, but the fact that it’s changed the lives of thousands gives it plenty of credibility, therefore making it far from a scam. Learn more about the ins and out of the program here:

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Have you tried this program? What is the single best truth you have learned from it? Provide your feedback below.

Truth About Abs Review – Why is the Truth About Abs Program the most talked about and most successful abs program today, with thousands of fulfilled users in the United States and all around the world?

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Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs Program is the most searched, most efficient, and most supported online comprehensive abs program to date. Some reports claim that it might just be one of the most successful ebooks sold in Internet history. There are a few good reasons why. Allow me to elaborate…

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One of them is the fact that the users of this particular program, regardless of gender, age, nationality, background, and genetics, have successfully gotten rid of stubborn excess fat, built abs muscles like a pro, and managed to keep the massive unhealthy amount of weight off without resorting to miracle pills, quick fix diet fads, or the like. They simply utilized everything that was included in the program – from the illustrious ebook down to all the amazing bonus materials that came along with it. With the overwhelming number of fat loss programs out in the market, what makes it really uniquely special and effective, you ask?

First, seasoned author Mike Geary and his reputation speak plenty about the success of the program. Here is someone who truly understands how the body works, how fat is burned, and how muscles can really be developed even under the toughest of circumstances. His personal experiences and formal training have only made him the best sought expert he is today. With the Truth About Abs program, he’s just become more far-reaching and popular as ever in the field of weight loss and muscle building.

Second, the program is undeniably a product of much hard work and pure attention to detail. You will learn, as you go through each glorious page, how all-encompassing the product really is, disproving popular diet myths and revealing the absolute best techniques to burn fat. With the Truth About Abs program, you will never need to buy any other diet or fitness training system ever again because this one will help you get started with the basics, simultaneously incorporate various practical tips to improve your overall health, and, more importantly, follow through with the essential nutrition and exercise strategies to maintain a totally ripped body.

The bottom line is that this program is certainly not for weak willed. If you really want to lose those couple of extra pounds, define your abs and the rest of your muscles, and don a completely healthy, fit body you truly deserve, then the Truth About Abs program is definitely the thing for you. It will take a lot of hard work on your part, but if you really want long-lasting, fast results, you really need to step it up. This program will help you do just that…and more!

To get the 411 on the Truth About Abs Program and how to place your order, go to today!

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If you have tried truth about abs, tell us about your experience and if it’s worth it. Leave your feedback below.