3 Ways on How to Lose Your Spare Tire

Wondering how to lose your spare tire or lower belly pooch around your abs? Abs exercises won’t necessarily reduce fat around the abs. We can not spot reduce fat from different areas of the body with specific exercises, although that doesn’t mean you can’t lose fat from the abdominal area. That can happen if you reduce your overall body fat, although your genes will determine where the fat comes off.

Here are some ways on how to lose your spare tire:

1.  Habitual cardio work out. Your target is your heart region. If you’re a beginner, you might start with 2-3 days of cardio such as hiking for as long as you can for up to about 30 minutes, increasing your time gradually each week. For intermediate or advanced exercisers, you should shoot for some type of activity most days of the week for 30-90 minutes in your target heart rate zone.

2.  Power training. Engage your entire body in this 1-3 non-consecutive days a week. If you’re a beginner, try it out at home – dancing, jogging, bending, aerobics –  just to sweat it out. If you’re an advance or professional, regular visits to the gym, and sweating for an hour is a good way on how to lose your spare tire.

3.  A healthy low-calorie diet. This is by far the most crucial part of your program. To make it work you need to:

  • Keep a food log in which you write down everything you eat or drink.
  • Use a food calculator to determine how many calories you eat each day.
  • Begin changing bad habits by replacing them, one by one, with healthier choices (fruits and veggies will fill you up and give you nutrients and fiber).
  • Keep an eye on your portion sizes.
  • Make small changes every day instead of changing everything at once.

There’s no assurance you’ll lose it from your abs. Your body decides when, where, and how much fat you’ll lose. It’s always best to focus on what you can control – what you eat, how much exercise you get, and how healthy your lifestyle is. These 3 factors will definitely show you how to lose your spare tire fast.

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