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Rating: 4-5-stars

Website: How to Get Ripped Abs Program

Reviewer: Travis Hunt

One night, I stumbled upon a site dedicated to helping guys and girls get those six-pack abs we’ve been looking for. Scanning the first page of the site, I immediately noticed the helpful information and advice it offers. To think, whether you’re a model or an ordinary businessman in the city, you can have a six-pack to show-off. Everyone who says ripped abs are nothing but hype is just in denial, right?

Wouldn’t you want to know how to get ripped abs? That’s the important question the site asks. John Alvino, who wrote a book with the same title, tries to answer the mysteries behind the secret of six-packs. To him, the secret to having ripped abs is no secret at all. If you have the realistic set of goals and the will power to outlast the training, great results can be achieved.

But wait! Who is John Alvino?

Like I said, John Alvino is author of a health book entitled How to Get Ripped Abs. His firm sincerity in weight lifting for fitness development led him to provide people with straightforward plans and programs to losing weight and building chiseled muscles.

He started to appreciate the real importance of fitness training when he was 17 years old. He was a wild thinker and never content with what he had already accomplished. At such a young age, he experimented with a variety of workout techniques and tried to put these things in action.

His various experiences never failed him and have helped him become the well-liked fitness coach he is now. People of different ages come to him for consultation and guidance on how to lose weight and get a flat stomach, including some big names in basketball and tennis.

What You’ll Learn

Eager to read John Alvino’s How To Get Ripped Abs in its entirety, I purchased it online, downloaded it once I received the confirmation note and read it immediately. Upon scanning the table of contents, I noticed sixteen chapters of attention-grabbing subjects ranging from training routine to dieting, and most importantly, the importance of goal setting.

People Who Benefit

Just by reading the first two pages of acknowledgments, it’s already clear that the How to Get Ripped Abs book is written for anyone who wants to lose weight, to have proper daily nutrition, or for anyone who wants to build solid muscle mass and of course, for anyone who wants to get ripped abs.


The one thing I love about the How to Get Ripped Abs book is its simplicity. The facts and information are explained in an easy-to-understand format. John Alvino started it his own story. His story encourages me to aim high while working toward my goals. The fact that Alvino gives deep emphasis on goal setting proves performing long hours of cardio inside the gym is not enough. Looking good and having ripped abs requires mental discipline.

Alvino clearly explains the diet system and what exercises are good for you. His overall presentation of numerous health topics makes it easy to understand how to use mental toughness for your general wellness.

At any rate, you can read another How to Get Ripped Abs review or browse the official  website and certainly find additional features. These include the Meltdown Training Manual, An Ultimate Exercise Index, Meals and Shake Recipes (also for vegetarians) and never miss his one-on-one personalized email coaching for twelve weeks. These things are all within your reach for $77 with a 100% money-back guarantee for 8 weeks.


The only negative thing I could say about the How to Get Ripped Abs book is that sometimes the loads of great information create confusion. It would also be helpful if there were more instructional pictures or videos in the training sections.


But all in all, everything seems alright. The truth is, Alvino’s instructions and advice are easy to understand. Like I said earlier, the details are all explained in a friendly approach that any average reader could understand.

John Alvino is at his best in How to Get Ripped Abs Program, which is the integration of his superb learning and experience as a fitness coach for years.

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