How to do Barbell Squat


Barbell squats may seem a bit intimidating for the beginner at first but you can watch this video below to help you correctly carry out this intense exercise with much confidence and better success.

Barbell squats are often referred to as a powerful leg exercise and for very good reasons. They work out mainly your quadriceps as you lift the barbell up but as you repeatedly do a squatting motion, this training also adds resistance to your glutes, hamstring and calves.

While barbell squats mainly strengthen your lower extremities, they can also be considered highly effective six pack abs exercises due to the core stabilization and balance required while performing this exercise. Hence, they have become an exercise of choice for most bodybuilders because of the overall full body strength barbell squats can provide.

Combine the load of weight lifting on your entire body and the muscle contraction on your legs as a result of squatting and you can just imagine what this exercise can do to your fat burning and metabolism boosting efforts!

As in any weight lift training, focus on perfecting the form first then slowly increase weights once you have mastered the proper techniques for this exercise.



Set up a barbell with your desired weight and carefully place it on your shoulders, just behind the neck.


  1. Squat down as you would when you’re about to sit on a chair.
  2. Stop as soon as your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that as you look down, your knees don’t bend over the tip of your toes. Also, keep your back and shoulders straight.


Carefully go back to your original position.

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