Day 4: The One Sure-Fire Way to Fire Up Your Fat-Burners Now!…


Today, we’re going to discuss one of the biggest secrets to getting six pack abs.

A secret that automatically strips off belly fat- even while you sleep!

A secret that will allow you to cheat on your diet every now and then and still maintain your ripped abs…ready?

It’s Muscle Building! Yep…Muscle building…

But the problem is that muscle building is one of the most misunderstood aspects of getting six pack abs or a sexy flat stomach. Most people equate cardio workouts with losing weight and muscle mass with getting larger.

Yet muscle building is perhaps the single most important aspect of getting great abs even MORE important than doing abs exercises!…

Cardio workouts are great for burning off the day’s calories. But that is all they do – they burn off a single day’s calories. They have very few long term weight loss benefits. In addition, getting rock hard abs involves more than simply doing some crunches and hoping your abs become well defined. To achieve true six pack abs, you need to get rid of the fat that is hiding their definition.

Rather than simply working your abs and doing non-stop cardio, the best way to achieve long term fat loss is to build muscle.

Your muscles are at the cornerstone of your metabolism. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the more you burn fat.

A well-toned body becomes a fat burning machine, able to burn hundreds of extra calories in a day, even without exercise. Combine that with a great aerobic program and you create a fat burning furnace that lowers your BF% rapidly, in addition to improving your strength and health.

If you want to burn fat in order to create well defined abs, you need to build muscle in your entire body. That muscle will burn fat at a rapid pace giving you the definition you have always wanted.


1) Do Full Body Workouts…


Remember – the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn over your entire body. Some of the best places to exercise in order to lose belly fat include your upper back and legs. These muscles may not be related to your abs, but because these muscles are so large, they manage to burn even more calories than exercising smaller muscles.

The more muscles you can work at any given time, the more calories you are going to burn. Full body workouts should always be your priority. Targeting a single muscle may make that muscle stronger, but will rarely give you the overall benefits of a full body workout.


2) Do Compound Exercises…

man-muscle-anatomy-shoulder-pressOne of the most highly recommended ways to build muscle mass is with compound exercises. Compound exercises – also known as multi-joint exercises – are muscle exercises that use many different muscles at once.

There are several reasons that these exercises are considered beneficial for burning fat and building muscle:

  • Time – One of the best reasons for using these compound exercises is that they utilize more of your muscles at once. If you have a busy schedule and are concerned about how much time you have to spend at the gym, compound exercises allow you to drastically cut down on that time by targeting many different muscles altogether, improving the efficiency of your workout.
  • Effectiveness – Interestingly, studies have shown that performing compound exercises actually builds muscle faster than targeting individual muscles. Though the exact reason for this is not well known, it is believed that your body both activates more hormones when you perform compound exercises, and may also alter how it responds to those muscles so that they experience more growth.
  • Athleticism – There are very few sports or activities in life that only uses a single muscle group. By performing multi joint exercises rather than muscle isolation exercises, you are teaching your muscles to work together. Athletes tend to perform more compound exercises than individual muscle exercises because the need their bodies to perform better in their particular sport. If you plan on taking up athletic activities, compound exercises are a better choice.

There are several different types of compound exercises. Powerlifting is one of the most famous. Powerlifting includes:

Barbell Squat



    Here’s a video demonstration of barbell front squats. With Front squats, the barbell is place in front instead of the back of the neck. They work your abs more than regular squats:


    Bench Press

      man-doing-bench-press-starting-position man-doing-bench-press-middle-position



        woman-dumbbell-deadlifts-starting-position woman-dumbbell-deadlifts-middle-position


        Here’s a video demonstration of barbell deadlifts:


        These use a wide variety of muscles and have a considerable amount of resistance in order to build both strength and muscle. Other types of multi-joint exercises include:


        Pull Ups

          man-doing-pulls-ups-starting-position man-doing-pulls-ups-middle-position


          Here’s a video demonstration:


          Push Ups

            woman-doing-push-ups-starting-position woman-doing-push-ups-middle-position


            Here’s a video demonstration of  push-ups:



              woman-doing-dumbbel-lunges-starting-position woman-doing-dumbbel-lunges-middle-position


              Bent-over Dumbbell rows




                  Each of these uses several different muscles at once, which help improve your body’s overall strength gain and, subsequently, your ability to burn calories.


                  3) Add Intensity…

                  intense-women-looking-at-dumbbellWhen your goal is to burn calories, you can also add intensity. The more intensity you add to your exercise routine, the more muscle you will gain and the more calories you will burn. There are several different ways to add intensity:

                  Higher Weights

                  Of course, the primary method people use to add intensity is to simply add more weight to the workout so that they become more difficult. This is the most basic way of using resistance to build muscle mass. In general, this method is fairly effective, although it is known to hit a plateau effect that may reduce its ability to help you build muscle mass over time.


                  Supersets are a unique way to add intensity to your workout, and great for those that are short on time. Normally an exercise involves 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps. After each set you rest to provide your body with a little bit of recovery time and get back to the exercise. Supersets take that a step further. To perform a superset, you complete one set of one exercise, then immediately move to set of another exercise that work different muscles – all with no rest in between. Common examples include the bench pressing and pull ups, or bicep curls and triceps dips. Only after you have completed a set of both exercises do you take time to rest, then complete the next pair of sets.

                  Shorter Rest in Between Sets

                  Another way to add intensity is to simply shorten your rest time. The more you rest, the less intense the exercise is on your body. Shortening your rest time to about 30 seconds is a great way to make your weight training feel more like cardio exercise, and doing so improves the intensity of your overall exercise routine.



                  Muscle Building: The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat and Get Awesome 6-Pack Abs!…

                  By building muscle using effective, compound exercise full body workouts, you will find that your body almost literally becomes a fat burning machine, using all of your fat for energy and ultimately allowing your abdominal muscles to show.


                  Now It’s Time To Take Action: Here’s a Great Muscle-building, Fat-burning Workout Plan….

                  Each exercise should be done for 10-20 reps. Repeat each super-set three times before moving to the next super-set…Have fun!

                  Monday Wednesday Friday

                  Dumbbell Squats


                  Rest 60 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Dumbbell lounges

                  Bent over dumbbell rows

                  Rest 45 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Dumbbell deadlifts


                  Rest 30 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Barbell Squats

                  Wide-grip Pull-ups

                  Rest 60 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Bench press

                  Bicep curls

                  Rest 45 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Dumbbell deadlifts


                  Rest 30 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Dumbbell Squats

                  Wide-Hand Pushups

                  Rest 60 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Dumbbell lounges

                  Tricep dips

                  Rest 45 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times



                  Dumbbell deadlifts


                  Rest 30 seconds

                  Repeat 3 times




                  Be on the look out for Day 5 tomorrow:
                  The 6 factors that determine How Long It Will Take You & The 4 Keys to Getting the Fastest Results…

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                  15 thoughts on “Day 4: The One Sure-Fire Way to Fire Up Your Fat-Burners Now!…”

                  1. Hello There,
                    Really thankfull for your advises…
                    I am getting more and more knowledgable and improving what you suggesting… Great abstract after all…..

                    Thank you so much…

                  2. Travis, I don’t know why you’re doing that but nevertheless thank you so much for these insightful tips. I am putting into practice and sensing change on the way. Thanks man!


                  3. Good day Travis.

                    Thank you for all your information. I really appreciate.
                    I weight 142lbs. and have 14% body fat at this time (I am 5′ 6″).
                    I want to remove the fat around my mid section (that’s the reason why I want exerice). I have purchased the P90X product. I can’t do the ABS DVD from that program because I am sore at my lower back. I am ok with the other DVD sessions so far. Would that be enough follow the P90X program and with time I will see the results (exemple 4 weeks) of I should add your Superset program on top of the P90X program? Thanks.

                  4. Hi Marc,

                    I’m not completely familiar with p90X but given your BF%, focusing on fat-burning is a great idea. When you get to about a 8-10% BF and you see faint outlines of your abs. That where your abs-building should kick into full gear.

                    For now, stick with what you’re doing with p90X. But consider something new in a few months. It’s always good to change up your workout every few months to avoid plateauing…and being BORED!

                    When you’re ready, here are some programs that I recommend

                    I’m not a doctor so I recommend seeing a qualified physical about your lower back. With their ok, you might want to incorporate some lower back strengthening exercises.

                    I plan to write more about this shortly…Keep up the good work :)

                  5. hello travis,

                    i was wondering if you do the supersets through out the week is it possible to get a real tone or 6 pack body. i am ‘4,10’ and weight 135lbs if it is possible please let me know because im not fat i just dont have the body i want to have. im at the point where girls will look at me and say wow hes a little chunky

                  6. Hi Ryan,

                    It sounds like you’re young so I recommend checking your physician before starting any exercise program. Watching your diet, muscle building and performing fat burning exercises are the best way to tone the body enough to get six pack abs. Hope this helps :-)

                  7. Travis,

                    Is there an alternative exercise to the pull up I am 53 years old and a little overweight so the pull up is somewhat difficult for me.

                    Also, I am just starting to get OA in my right knee is it safe to be doing dumbell lunges? I do wear an Ace brace on it while exercising. I know that strengthing the leg muscles is good for arthritis.

                    I am used to working out with weights, but somewhat out of shape because I had to study for some important exams for my job which did not alway leave me time to workout. Good news is that I passed them all, but now I need to get back into shape and willing to do the work. I would like to be around for many more years to enjoy my granddaugher.

                    Daye Ann

                  8. Hey Daye Ann! Congratulations on passing your exams :)

                    Alternatively, you can do pulldowns on a machine and body-weight squats until you build strength. But before you start and exercise program, contact you physician (I am not one) to determine what’s appropriate for you.

                    It’s VERY important that you start slowly and with your doctor’s supervision. Doing this will ensure that you can continue injury-free. And before long, you’ll be amazed with your results :)

                  9. Travis,

                    Just so you know my name is not Dave it is Daye Ann, and thanks for the advise. I will try the pulldowns, but if I have no access to a machine that does that right now what exercise can I do in exchange for the pullups.

                  10. Daye Ann, my biggest apologies for getting you name wrong. I hate when people do that to me. Again, please accept my apologies. I’ve corrected this in the comments :)

                    …If you can do push-ups, doing these slowly (about 3-4 seconds going down and 3-4 seconds coming up) will activate to the back muscles…hope this helps…

                  11. Travis,

                    Thanks, yes I can do the push-ups and will just concentrate on those for now until my upper body gets stronger.

                    Daye Ann

                  12. The steps to getting a flat stomach and getting a six pack are almost identical. You still need to have great eating, fat-burning and resistance training strategies. This only difference between getting a flat stomach and getting a six pack is how low your get your body fat% and how intensely you train your abs. EVERYTHING else applies…I hope this helps :)

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