FOUR Strategies to Keep Yourself Motivated Towards Great 6-Pack Abs


Today, let’s discuss the BIGGEST reason people fail at getting six pack abs: they quit! I don’t want you to be another statistic so keep this in mind…

The greatest hurdle you will face on your quest towards six-pack abs is yourself.

In order to achieve the abs you want you need to keep working at it, doing the workouts and living a lifestyle that helps you burn fat and build muscle. You need to stay motivated. You need to bring it, and you need to bring it every day.

Unfortunately, you cannot just turn on a button and suddenly be motivated. You need to go about maintaining your motivation the right way, so that you can keep up your energy toward building your rock hard abs.

To help you on your way, here are four vital tips for turning you into an ab building dynamo…

Motivation Tip #1: Gradual Changes Are More Likely to Stick

Jumping into your hardcore abs building routine can quickly lead to burnout. Not many people can keep the motivation to maintain their workout and diet all at once. You need to step up gradually and get used to the changes you are making in your life.

green-frog-in-potHere’s an example that illustrates how well small, gradual changes can work. It comes from nature and it’s true…

If you drop a frog in boiling water, the frog will notice the pain and jump out as fast as it can. But did you know that if you drop that same frog into warm water, and then heat up the water gradually until it boils, that frog will be boiled alive, unable to feel incremental differences.

You need to take the same approach to building your six pack abs. Don’t just jump into everything all at once by vastly altering your diet, working out every muscle, beefing up your workout and running all in one day. Make small, gradual changes every few days so that you and your body barely notice that difference. This will help you prevent burnout and keep your motivation high.


Motivation Tip #2: Measure and Track the Small Successes

guy-with-six-pack-abs-measuring-waistSuccess is the best motivator to keeping up with your program. When you see yourself with six-pack abs, that’s when you know that it was all worth it. You see the ripped muscles and are happy to keep up your exercise every day.

But change doesn’t happen overnight. Six pack abs takes strategy, time, and effort. Seeing visual changes can be painfully slow and frustrating. There is a well-known aspect of goal setting: The longer it takes you to reach your goals, the easier it is to lose your motivation.

So rather than setting difficult goals that take a long time to reach, break your larger goal into smaller goals that you can accomplish in a faster period of time.

It’s especially beneficial to set a couple smaller goals that you accomplish within a week or two. This early success will go along way to convincing you that it’s possible for you! And, in turn, give you the determination, conviction and perseverance to “see it through”!

The more personal successes you see, the more you’ll be able to stay motivated.

tape-measureOne of the best ways to do this is to change your measurement system. Instead of measuring your waist in inches, measure your changes in centimeters – or better yet, millimeters. You’ll be able to truly see how much your body really is changing, even when you aren’t necessarily able to see the small changes with your eyes.


Motivation Tip #3: Have a Strong Why

man-thinking-deeplyChange can be challenging. Our minds are geared towards comfort, and there is comfort in doing the same thing you did every day. Eating the same food, being lazy, keeping to your regular lifestyle – all of these are easy. Human beings like easy.

When your goal is to build six pack abs, you need to have something inside you that gets you to keep at it even when times get tough. You need to have a “strong why” – a reason for continuing no matter how difficult it may seem.

Your “why” needs to be emotional, not logical.

You need to feel it. It’s not enough to want to look good for the sake of looking good. You have to want it for something deep – something that strikes a personal chord. Whether it’s to prove to yourself that you have what it takes or some other reason that hits you deep in the heart, it’s important to find a pure, emotional reason for building your six pack abs.

If you can find that reason, you’re going to be able to make it. Having a strong why is one of the greatest tools you can give yourself for maintaining your six pack ab motivation.


Motivation Tip #4: Find Inspiring Stories or Images

fit-women-measuring-her-waistFinally, one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to inspire yourself with those that came before you. When you can see firsthand the achievements that others have been able to make, you’ll find that it becomes much easier to see what you have the potential to achieve.

You can do this in several different ways:

  • Find Success Stories – One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated is to see success in others. Read the stories of the people that have tried before you. You’ll find that there are many people that have shared your experiences. They had their own struggles that they were able to overcome in order to achieve their success.
  • Find Images of People With the Body You Want – When you find images of others that have managed to achieve the body you want, you can see evidence of the body that you will eventually have. That evidence is a motivator – showing you that your progress has legitimate, worthwhile outcomes.
  • Create Your Own Success StoryWrite a success story in advance of achieving your goals. Talk about all of the steps you took to “get there.” Talk about how you feel about reaching your goals, as though you have already reached them. If it helps, paste your head on someone else’s body to show yourself what you will look like by the time you complete your program. You can read what you wrote any time you need some extra motivation, and use it constantly to imagine how great you’ll feel when you reach your goals.


Bottom line: Keep Yourself Pumped Up to Achieve the Abs Your Want!…

mind-powerYour biggest enemy in achieving your goals is yourself. If you keep yourself motivated, you WILL achieve the six-pack abs you have always wanted. Use the above tools to keep you looking forward, so that you have the energy you need to achieve perfect six-pack abs.

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