Discover The Top 7 Metabolism Boosting Foods…

The 4 “healthy” foods you should AVOID because they actual make you more fat…

Have you been trying to get a lean and well-toned body? Ever wonder how others do it? Imagine what it would be like if you could bring back the younger you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your favorite jeans could fit you again?

Here’s something that will surely help you on your way to that perfect body shape and curves. At last, the 7 top metabolism boosting foods are finally revealed to give you results in weeks!

Metabolism boosting foods, from the term itself, these power-packed foods can significantly raise the metabolic activity of your system – resulting in faster, automatic fat loss. Listen to this, when your body’s metabolic rate slows down, it could lead to cell malfunctioning and health problems.

Simply learn our list of 7 fabulous metabolism boosting foods! And in a few minutes, you’ll be know the proper food to help you shed off those extra pounds and get the lean and sexy body that you’ve always wanted.

  1. Water. First things first, you may have already heard that drinking water aids in losing weight and speeds up metabolism. Focus here, German researchers discovered that consuming nearly 17 ounces of water can actually burn 30 percent of calories inside your body and help you distinguish hunger from thirst. So, drink up!
  2. Green Tea. Did you know that findings proved green tea can greatly boost metabolism and help in weight loss? At the same time, it has other health enhancing benefits like anti-cancer properties.
  3. Soup. Eat less and burn fast by consuming a bowl of soup for your snack or appetizer. Interestingly, Penn State University discovered that besides having a good mixture of hunger-satisfying solids and liquids, soup serves as an appetite suppressant and is considered as one of the most useful metabolism boosting foods.
  4. Grapefruit. Now keep in mind, The Scripps Clinic Researchers found out that the vitamin C content of grapefruits helps lessen insulin in your body; therefore helping you lose weight faster. So before eating a full meal, eat at least half of a grapefruit and burn those dreadful calories.  Note: If you take prescription medication, check with you doctor to determine any possible interactions.
  5. Apples and Pears. Before eating lunch or dinner, try eating apples or pears. You will feel fuller and eat less. The trick is, if you are yearning for sugar, to reach for this high-fiber, low-calorie food to shun unnecessary calories, pronto!
  6. Broccoli. It is true that broccoli is typically one of the most hated foods. But here’s a fact for you, broccoli offers a wide range of life-giving advantages such as vitamin C, calcium, fiber, folate and vitamin A. Why not nourish your body and power up your metabolism with one amazing veggie?
  7. Hot Peppers. Hot peppers are a great means of speeding up and boosting your metabolism. Proven fact: Capsaicin, a substance found in cayenne and jalapeno peppers, triggers your body to fire-up your metabolism and helps you burn more fat.

Given these facts, your long-awaited dream to get that gorgeous body without having to do a worthless crash diet and tedious exercise program is possible. The bottom line is to utilize what you have learned. Speed up your metabolism with the most effective power-packed foods! That is how you do it!

As every word travels from this article to your brain, you’ll start to feel your muscles running towards these metabolism boosting foods. Think about this, after you implement these 7-metabolism boosters, you can turn into a brand new you in just a matter of weeks, – vibrant, healthy and strong! Get started now…

Which of these have you tried to boost your metabolism? How have they been effective? Share your story below.

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3 Guidelines to The Six Pack Abs Diet

The six pack abs diet is nothing like those fleeting fad diets. If anything, it’s part of a total lifestyle that promotes maximum performance, muscle development, and continuous healthy living. If you want fast results and practical maintenance, this kind of diet is exactly what you need.

Before going into the details, let me just clear one thing first. “Dieting” should not be associated with starvation. A diet is simply comprised of the actual food you take in everyday. Changing one’s diet for the better has to begin somewhere, and starting with this particular one could reap you a lot of benefits, including hot six pack abs.

Here are some guidelines that will help you adapt to the six pack abs diet:

1. Re-examine Your Diet. A good way of evaluating your diet is by asking some of the basic Ws and Hs – what, when, where, why, how much, and how often.

If you’re the type who enjoys eating out and having food delivered, you need to be extra careful because you really don’t know what goes into preparing your food exactly. Were they made with the freshest ingredients? Did they use cooking oil high in saturated and Trans fat? Was that really chicken?

Do some research next time you eat out. Ask for healthier substitutes in your meals so you still stick to your six pack abs diet (e.g. use extra virgin olive oil instead of salted butter, or fresh vinaigrette instead of the thousand island dressing). If you can’t prepare your own food and you really have to go out to eat, try visiting more restaurants that serve vegetarian or Japanese cuisine – both are said to be very high in protein and low in fat.

These are just very simple yet doable changes you can practice to improve on your diet.

2. Out With the Bad, In With the Good. Scour your cupboards, fridge, and pantry. With the six pack abs diet, you must throw out all the foods that are high in salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats. Sure, you can keep a few treats. But never allow them to take up most of your daily meals, not even when you snack.

Slowly relieving your body of these unnecessary kinds of food will make you crave less and help you develop a leaner, healthier body.

3. Start With Yourself and Slowly Influence Those Around You. There’s really no point in preaching or forcing others to eat the way you do. After all, dieting is a choice. Instead, give your friends and family reasons to eat healthier. Before you know it, everyone at the table is on the six pack abs diet as well.

Knowing these 3 valuable guidelines will definitely help you ease into a healthier version of yourself. Remember that the six pack abs diet is more than just a tool…it’s a lifestyle.

Do you have your own six pack abs diet? Share it by commenting below.

fat sick and nearly DEAD

The other day, I sat down to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix.

It’s about a really cool AUSTRALIAN guy named, Joe Cross, that had a typical AMERICAN story…

He’s incredibly busy with life (e.g. career, social life, etc.) and, like many of us, neglected his health until at a whopping 325lbs, he found himself FAT, SICK and feeling Nearly Dead at 40!

I mean, this man’s gut drooped 3-4 inches below his belt and he required X different medications just to function.

After being totally fed up with his pill-popping, beer-gut life, he does something DRASTIC…

For 60 days (and under doctor supervision), he drinks nothing but fresh fruit & vegetable juice.

And because the fruit & veggies went from farmer’s market to his juicer, right into his mouth…

he was guaranteed the most life-giving, unprocessed juice available–unlike what you find at your local grocery store…

After only 60 days he:

* Lost 100lbs!

* Went from a typical, frumpy middle-aged looking man to and energetic, fit guy that looked YEARS younger and got a whole lot more attention from the ladies ;)

So, why am I sharing this story with you?

No, I don’t think everyone should go on a 60-day juice fast–especially without doctor supervision, but…

Here are some lessons I think you’ll find very useful:

1) Just eating mostly unprocessed food can help you lose excess

belly fat withOUT calorie counting.

2) Most foods in the grocery store are processed–even the ones

labeled “natural”.

3) Processed foods make us Fat, Sick and malnourished.

4) It’s beyond just lean abs, it’s about your long-term health.

Putting all the pieces together can seem overwhelming; but it’s not


If Joe Cross can do it, you really, really can do it too.

To help you get through the maze of nutrition information, what to eat…and most importantly what NOT to eat…

Isabel Del Rios has created a program where she takes you by the hand and shows you how to live the lean abs lifestyle by EATING real foods!

At any rate…

No matter where you are, you only need to take the first step.

Order the diet solution today and say “no” to diet schemes and pills and “yes” to the simple and quick way to EAT for lean abs.

All the Best!

P.S. Isabel’s program comes with a “Quick Start Guide” so that you can start your lean abs lifestyle as soon as you download the program…

How easy is that?

Take a quick ‘minuto’ and give it a look…

So what is your own diet story? Share it with us by leaving your comments below.

EAT a donut soda for breakfast?

When I was a little kid, I used to rush home from school so that I could watch after-school cartoons.

My favorite cartoons to watch were:

– He-man and the Masters of the Universe – Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends – Transformers

Remember those?

I loved the action, adventure and even an occasional lesson that these cartoons offered.

And it never failed, at some point during the cartoon a cereal commercial would come on.

Whether it was Lucky charms, Froot Loops, or Fruity Pebbles, at the end of the commercial they would say that their cereal was “part of a complete breakfast”…

It included:

– Their cereal at the very center – a glass of milk – a glass of orange juice – and a slice of toast

As a kid, I never thought to challenge this and always tried to have this “complete breakfast”…

And also a Flintstones vitamin.

I had always assumed, back then, that everybody had my best interest in mind.

It never dawned on me, that this “complete breakfast” could be a deliberate attempt purely design to get me to buy there cereal.

But as an adult, I learned just how harmful eating these cereals for breakfast can be to my body and to maintaining lean abs.

A quick Google search, and I found that this “complete breakfast” (cereal, glass of milk, glass was juice, slice of toast) had as much sugar as if I had eaten a donut and a can of soda for breakfast.

What a scam!

Here is what you can learn from all of this:

1) Never trust a popular food company to give you unbiased, truthful information about how to eat a healthy diet.

2) Always read the nutrition label and determine how much fat, sugar and chemicals are in the product.

3) learn how to eat a balanced, nutritious diet that keeps you lean and healthy for a lifetime (from a source not tied to the food industry)…

And the best information I found on how to sift through the Food Industry’s LIES and eat for a flat-belly on auto-pilot is from Isabel.

Her extremely popular book gives you the code the big-dawgs on “Food Profit” street are fighting to keep from you…

Beat them at their own game…

All the best!

P.S. When it comes to having a lean body, breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

…don’t fall for the tricks and scams that the food industry has put out there to keep you uninformed, unhealthy and “unlean”.

Why not take charge of your lean body diet now?

3 Amazing Super Foods to Lose Belly Fat: Discover their Magic

Do foods to lose belly fat truly work wonders? Have you ever felt dreadful about your ever-growing belly fat that you wish you could just lose fat by eating more?  Certainly, you have!  Everybody feels unsexy and unattractive once his or her body start going out of shape.

But the problem is, it is just too exhausting and troublesome for most of us to devote more time out of our already busy lifestyles. In fact most of us have swamped daily schedule to bother even going out for a jog every morning or after work. So is there a quick fix to flabby belly?

For you busy bodies out there, let’s talk about what foods help us lose belly fat. Now, you are about to discover that it doesn’t take a painful exercise regimen to keep yourself in good shape. Well, not anymore. Here are examples of foods to lose belly fat. Read these facts carefully!

  1. Vegetables: You don’t have to be a genius to know that vegetables are the best foods for you. Not only do they keep you healthy, they also help you stay in good shape. Listen here, vegetables provide the widest option for you when it comes to foods to lose belly fat.  To stress, I am not proposing that you radically become a vegetarian or a vegan but think about it, incorporating vegetables in your daily meals would surely and naturally do great things for your body.
  2. Fruits: You only need to have to add several of servings each day to your diet and you are on your way to losing that belly fat.  Clearly, there shouldn’t be any problem with this food group since they taste great in themselves, already. So just pick out your favorite fruit to keep you in shape. Of course you’ve heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But I might also add that an apple a day keeps the nasty belly fat away!
  3. Whole Grains: Ever body knows this food group is indeed the best in providing us our fiber requirements. They really serve as nature’s brooms in that they keep our digestive systems clean and healthy. Many studies have already proven that whole grains also lower our levels of glucose and reduce the accumulation of fats in our system. Whole grains, soybeans, nuts, seeds, and the like are wise options for foods to lose belly fat.

Focus here, once these three food suggestions make their way successfully into your daily food intake, it is guaranteed that you will find yourself healthier, happier, fresher and attractive.

Don’t miss out! These foods to lose belly fat are truly wonderful. You can even pair them with a few other foods of your choice as long as you take them in moderation.  Here’s the bottom line, foods to lose belly fat enable you to achieve that sexy and adorable body you always wanted to have when you finally look into the magic mirror. So the next time you do your grocery shopping, you already know that to get from those shelves. Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains—discover their magic for yourself!

Discovered other magic belly fat burning foods? Have it included in this list by sending your thoughts below.